One of Meghan McCain's comments suggests that Dr. Fauci is not effective enough as a virus expert. She indicated that someone else should get his position.

Famous columnist Meghan McCain said that Anthony Fauci's comment was too much for her. Having her doubts about the virus expert's competence, she said he should be replaced instead by another scientist. She remarks that he does not understand science enough despite his qualifications.

McCain versus Fauci

Last Monday on "The View," a segment on the show covered the coronavirus pandemic subject. A clip from last weekend's CNN's Dana Bash had the virus expert as a guest. She asked if older adults should visit unvaccinated grandchildren. He said no recommendation in response to the question, reported the Blaze.

Next, he mentioned that an explanation would be given later about the issue. His reason was that he was not answering until he talked to the coronavirus task force. This question was crucial for many families that are faced with this dilemma.

According to the host, the non-response to the question was the last straw for her because of his alleged inconsistency and unclear messages. She added that many have diligently followed all the rules regarding the pandemic for the most part. Criticizing heavily that there is no answer with more people inoculated after vaccination, she was not pleased.

 She added that in Israel where people are encouraged to get vaccinated for a return to everyday living, the lockdowns had taken a toll on many individuals and families. This is why Meghan McCain suggests that Dr. Fauci can't handle the pandemic and problems with it.

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She stated that there might be disparities in how science is done in Israel and the USA. Citing reports, the Israeli government has gone through half of the total population and fairing well. She airs doubts if the US efforts are going well enough.

"Is the science in Israel different than the science here in the United States of America? Because Israel has over half of their country vaccinated already and seem to be doing pretty well," she asked.

Vaccination does not change anything.

 McCain said nothing would change when the COVID vaccine would allow normalcy, but that's not the case. One factor she mentioned that even inoculated, why even wear a mask. It denigrated the whole point of taking the vaccine to avoid getting sick. She added Trump was the cause of the failed rollout, not the new administration.

She aimed at the Biden administration that wants all Americans to get inoculated for immunity, which is also essential. If even taking the COVID-19 vaccine still needs the precautions, it will take a few years before everyone gets the shot. It's very inconsistent for the Biden administration to tell everyone to be jabbed in the arm.

She stated that she was not listening to Fauci, who failed to answer the question and more. The host advised that more information is needed. She was citing reasons why the virus expert is not enough for the position and lacking. Meghan McCain suggests that another more competent scientist should replace Dr. Fauci for a better response. 

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