Joe Biden says that the United States should get better by the end of 2021. He claims this when visiting a vaccine plant during a presidential visit to the facility.

Before the next administration was inaugurated, the production of vaccines was spearheaded by former President Trump. Operation Warp Speed hasten the research and production of vaccines that would have taken years.

America back to normal soon?

 With the U.S. in the grip of the CCP virus and the U.S. amid lockdowns in Democrat states, the president says that by Christmas, everything will be almost normal. He gave the statement when he visited a Pfizer vaccine plant in Michigan last Friday, reported the Epoch Times.

According to a White House release, he answered one of the questions asked during his Kalamazoo plant visit. Saying that the country will be expected by the end of 2021. He did not give any citations or scientific basis for the claim, though.

He stresses he hoped that the viral pandemic aided by vaccines would be contained. It will not be like last year, as many governments weren't spared by the ravaging virus. He said that his administration could only hope to do better in making his claim possible.

Biden stressed that this Christmas would be better compared to last year. Mentioning that his administration will try to make it happen. He then inserted that the virus is more than one strain, and things are always changing.

Biden says that all the science to use is getting exhausted to reach that goal. All experts are put to task to solve the problem of the CCP Virus.

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While on the subject of the virus, he said that guidelines should be followed strictly to avoid spreading or catching the disease. Citing that having vaccination does not end these coronavirus measures, and a vaccine is not enough to stop the infection.

The president lectured on how and what to do after getting the anti-CCP virus shots. Mentioned again social distancing, wearing a mask, even saying that washing hands with hot water can save lives. One factor for the vaccines' availability is Trump, who was doubted if they can be produced in time.

He explained to Americans that the CCP virus vaccine is safe. He said the media coverage of the immunization spearheaded by the previous administration's efforts proves it has no side effects.

Fauci gave the vaccine a thumbs up

 According to him, Dr. Fauci said the anti-virus cure is safe to take. Biden once again said that he read through the review for the nth time. After reading it so many times with the expert's approval, he took it, said it was safe.

 Approval for more doses of Pfizer and Moderna's COVID cures was done after the new president's remarks. A government target of 300 million for all the U.S. citizens will be reached by summer in the United States.

 Severe cold snaps have wrecked the schedule of shipments all over the U.S. Biden has been setback by it, and the vaccine distribution is on hold; the administration failed to adapt its logistics. Many sites for distribution were closed down in many areas too. Biden says that 100 million shots in the first hundred days are still on track, so is normalized America as he claims.

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