Despite Senator Ted Cruz claiming he traveled to Cancun, Mexico, to drop his children off for a vacation, the text messages Heidi Cruz, his wife, sent to neighbors and friends prior to the trip reveal otherwise. Cruz, R-Texas, defended taking a family vacation to Cancun, Mexico, on Thursday. This was after critics accused him of deserting his constituents at the peak of a chaotic winter storm that left over 500,000 people without power. 

Cruz stated he had lost power in his house for two days prior to electing to travel. He also divulged he began to have "second thoughts almost immediately" following his boarding of his flight. 

What Heidi Cruz Texted Neighbors Before Trip

A series of new text messages appear to show the senator's wife Heidi talking to neighbors about a trip to Cancun as Texas endures freezing temperatures and prevalent power outages. The messages contradict Cruz' earlier explanation for the trip. He underscored the trip to his daughters' request for a getaway amid a school break, reported Business Insider.

In the texts, she noted rooms were mere $309 per night at the resort and that the venue had good security. She expounded on a potential trip from Wednesday through Sunday and indicated direct flights to and from Cancun.

Senator Cruz continues to undertake damage control over his ill-timed trip to Cancun. Meanwhile, in texts confirmed by two people on the SMS chain, Heidi invited neighbors along for the vacation from her "freezing" house.

She reportedly wrote on Wednesday, "Anyone can or want to leave for the week? We may go to Cancun." Heidi also indicated a direct flight and hotels with capacity. She added, "Seriously. COVID test to come back which we will take there," reported Yahoo News.

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The text messages were sent despite state residents not having electricity or clean water. She invited neighbors to join their family to Cancun's Ritz-Carlton resort, adding they had stayed in the place "many times." The number of people invited was unspecified. The texts were verified by a second, anonymous person in the thread.

According to Senator Cruz, their family lost power for two days. "Our house was dark. We had no heat. We were all huddled around the fireplace because it was the only heat in the house, and after a couple of days [of] the girls being really cold and [temperatures] being in the teens or the 20s outside," reported Fox News.

Then their girls said that school has been canceled for the week. They asked if they could take a trip and go to a warm place. He and his wife, as parents, approved, and so last night, they reportedly flew their children to the beach and then flew back this afternoon.

He then confessed he had planned on staying the weekend. He regarded it as a "mistake" to travel in the midst of the ongoing climate crisis in Texas, saying the decision was "tone-deaf" when he arrived home to find demonstrators outside his house.

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