Passenger reports and photos reveal that Texas Senator Ted Cruz has flown to Cancun, Mexico, to escape the state's winter storm allegedly. Extreme winter conditions, frozen wind turbines, and heavy electricity demand have resulted in Texas' rolling power blackouts.

Ted Cruz reportedly flew to Mexico during that state's winter crisis

During one of the worst storms to strike Texas in decades, Ted Cruz was accused of fleeing his people. On Twitter, images were circulated that seemingly showed Cruz on a flight to Cancun.


According to The Sun, images depict a guy who looks like Cruz at an airport and on a plane. Though, the Senator's office is yet to confirm or deny whether he has left Texas or not.

Some social media users claim that they have matched Cruz's past photos with the mask, glasses, ring, tennis shoes, and headphones he is wearing. Some pictures also depict a woman remarkably identical to Heidi, the wife of Ted Cruz.

On Twitter and other social sites, the images have been posted thousands of times. Texans were outraged at the possibility that, during the emergency, the Senator might have abandoned his state. Most big cities in Texas, including Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, have been affected by power outages.

"One woman wrote: "Ted Cruz is flying to Cancun, and I am 95 years old. In our dim, helpless homes in Houston, the old mother and others are freezing! Don't ever forget!"

State Rep. Gene Wu, D-Houston, meanwhile, wrote: "Guess which Texas US Senator flew to Cancun while the state was freezing to death and had to boil water."

Ted Cruz, the US Senator for Texas, is being slammed for reportedly escaping to Cancun, while the state is devastated by a record-breaking winter storm UNILAD reported. Several eagle-eyed social media users have spotted photographs at airport check-in and onboard a flight from Houston to Cancun of a man who bears a startling similarity to Cruz.

One of the internet sleuths, who shared an alleged image of the Senator at an airport terminal, noted that it had been taken for a United Airlines flight at 4:10 PM. The said flight fled Houston yesterday, February 17, at 4:44 PM and arrived at 7:52 PM in Cancun, Mexico.

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Texas residents were left without electricity

Millions of Americans, mostly in Texas, are without electricity due to the extreme weather conditions now hitting most of the southern US.People have been consuming excessive quantities of electricity to warm their houses, resulting in a shortage. Authorities have shut off or limited energy for millions of Texans to prioritize essential services and save power.

"Ted Crus is on his way to Cancun with his family in the midst of the worst energy crisis in Texas history," one person posted on Twitter, along with a series of images that show the Senator aboard the flight.

The winter storm, which is predicted to last until the weekend, has so far killed at least 21 people in the country's southern states. For a prolonged time, some deaths were caused by carbon monoxide poisoning from people running cars and indoor generators to keep warm.

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Texas is under a state of emergency amid extreme weather conditions

President Joe Biden announced a state of emergency in Texas over the weekend and requested federal aid to supplement local response efforts from the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Nearly 3.4 million people were also without electricity as of Thursday, and others lacked water supplies. Questions on why the administration was poorly coping with winter storm are now being addressed, as per the IndependentAccording to the Associated Press, Texas officials have instructed 7 million residents, a quarter of the population of the second-largest state in the country, to boil tap water before drinking it after days of historic low temperatures that damaged facilities and froze pipes.

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