The next pandemic could be severe alleged experts who said COVID-19 is just the tip of the next viral assault. But, with mitigation, it would be easier to handle.

Current experts are anticipating worse viruses that might follow after the COVID-19 pandemic. Although most of it is speculative, no one is taking a chance that one does follow.

COVID-19 will not be the only viral sickness

According to the ex-chief of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S., he said that precautions must be set in place. He supposes that another epidemic will creep on humanity till it is too late to stop it, reported Au News Yahoo.

Dr. Tom Frieden, former CDC head until 2017, told the Wall Street Journal that all errors in handling COVID-19 must be learned from. If the proper preparations are not made, it could be a costly mistake. Learning everything and devising protocols to be used in containing another deadly viral outbreak.

He said that COVID-19 came in fast and caught everyone by surprise. Stressing that procedures will be in place should another epidemic come along.

Citing that forewarning came, but it was ignored, and the lack of preparations allowed the COVID-19 virus to run amuck. If preparations are not made, getting a cure could be costly, and the economic loss would be cataclysmic.

Giving an example of another hypothetical condition, saying another influenza pandemic could begin anytime. But it could be the next pandemic will be severe, adding it was not the only possible situation that might be serious and mentioning that Ebola-like viruses emerge or, even worse, bacteria immune to medicines and antibodies. It can hobble the world again if given a chance.

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Steps to stop super outbreaks

Frieden, an expert on outbreaks and viruses, suggested a proactive way to mitigate the arising of another super-virus like COVID. These steps ensure survival if such a future comes, calling 2021 the start of preparation.

Nations like China lying after charged as the source of the virus should be identified. If they are delayed and secretive in their answers, that should be a red flag, like the coronavirus escaping. Health watchdogs should identify any threat in a week, report it and do something about it.

Disease-containing procedures should be started, and quarantine procedures should follow asap. But, those countries not rich enough to start epidemic preparations will be a problem. The World Health Organization will lead in this endeavor with programs to deal with it.

WHO will be leading the charge

The WHO was charged with bending to China's pressure, which made it worse during the COVID-19 epidemic it was trying to control. Scientists were politicians as squabbling followed instead of finding answers.

Frieden stressed that it is better if WHO specialists are allowed to work unbothered. He added the WHO needs to reorganize and set aside politics; one way is to choose the right people. Work with less bias so it will be free of political pressure to work smoothly.

WHO's goal is to work without political leaning to support any epidemic that hits through its Global Strategic Preparedness Network. If the next pandemic will be severe, then all the needed procedures and a reorganized World Health Organization is crucial.

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