After the performance, the jury is still out on China's transparency of the WHO probe. More so, the American State Department is not saying anything yet.

 WHO's probe did not do what it should have done, add more clarity. Instead, more questions left unanswered at the center of it is the CCP of China.

 The U.S. says we're not convinced

 According to the U.S. State Department spokesperson Ned Price based on a statement on February 9, he said that there are real doubts if the CCP did have full transparency for the probe. One concern is the World Health Organization team already delving into hotspot "Wuhan" did get something worthwhile during the mission, reported NTD.

 One of the questions is whether China intended it to be more than a show. Or it was just one of the means for Beijing to say we've complied.

 Last Tuesday, the WHO experts presented their findings to the international community to settle one question. Did the CCP virus actually escape from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) lab where it was initially from?

 Their answer is "extremely unlikely" that it could have escaped via such an event. It is the theory that the Trump administration pushed and the CCP made the weaponized form that produced a worldwide pandemic.

 Then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rallied other countries to support the claim and hold China accountable. Like Australia, some countries pushed back that made allegations that China is the culprit, angering the CCP. Australia thought the jury is still out on China's transparency months ago as well.

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 WHO team

 The leader of the probe into the CCP virus origins is Peter Ben Embarek, a Danish scientist. He and others search for clues in ground zero "Wuhan." Stating that focus will be on how bats can infect humans instead, and frozen food might carry viral remnants that can cause infection.

 He added the laboratory leak hypothesis is not very plausible even to consider and very unlikely to have caused the outbreak. Explaining how the lab-leak factors are used- the theory is not believable to have happened. Stressing studied with this at the core would be less unadvisable too.

 He gave these statements in a press conference that took three hours long last Tuesday.

 Response to Embarek's statements

 Price mentions that the U.S. will not judge yet, instead go over the WHO team's report. For now, all the conclusions will not be considered until a full appraisement. The Biden Administration took this position and said no more.

Mentioning that the U.S. will not judge until everything in the report, with all the data, is complete. Only then will a conclusion be considered.

 Mike Pompeo reacts

 The former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, was an interview on Fox last Tuesday. He added that the Lab hypothesis is valid with evidence to back it up too. Trump officials pushed back months ago and said China and WHO were colluding.

 He cited it was the exact reason why the former administration left the WHO and still says trust in the organization is doubtful at best. Saying it is politicized and corrupted from within, and Xi Jinping influenced to the world's detriment.

 Why the jury is still out on China's transparency is evident as the WHO team might be feeding on China's narrative. The only way to judge is the data to see what comes next.

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