The World Health Organization chastised the Chinese Communist Party for not allowing specialists to look into the Wuhan hotspot. According to WHO officials, no permission has been given despite requests.

 After the WHO asked the CCP for entry to China but got a negative answer from authorities, experts who are supposed to check into Wuhan have not received any word. Wuhan is where the virus originated after Li Wenliang warned of it in December 2019.

 Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO head, expected significant assistance from Beijing but got nothing instead. Health specialists are just waiting for permits to start their investigation, but need authorization, reported NTD.

 In a statement, Tedros said that he is waiting for Chinese officials to finalize the permits needed by the WHO medical team. He added that the delay in starting the probe in Wuhan, two members are waiting for access. But, the two other members are not available at the last minute.

According to the WHO chief, there are arrangements reached by the WHO, China, and an international team to visit Wuhan to start the probe that was agreed on. Wuhan is the center from where the coronavirus is suspected to originate.

 The tension that rose, as a result, led to the coronavirus getting know as the CCP virus, which Beijing took offense to. The pandemic led to lockdowns and a global contagion infection million and killing a significant number. He added WHO experts should be on their way to China.

Tedros said that he communicated with senior Chinese officials and impressed the probe is a priority for WHO. Making it clear to Beijing everything is ready to go.

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Since last year, the WHO chief has been uncritical of China's role in the global contagion, even defending China during the early months. His terse reaction is the first case of rebuking the CCP.

 Covering up for Beijing in President Donald Trump's eyes, who criticized the cooperation of WHO and the CCP. The U.S. stopped funding the health organization that was millions. America is the most significant contributor to the organization.

 A letter addressed to the WHO praised China despite its lack of transparency about the CCP virus-adding that it treated China special even if there was no effect to clarify the question about the virus origins.

Trump mentioned the American President with authority to decide on the funds that will be withheld until changes in 30 days are in effect. All the U.S. funds will be frozen until further notice.

In Wuhan, there were reports of residents, journalists saying the CCP lied to the world about the pandemic. Sources that came out say the COVID-19 cases were more numerous than reported. These places are Wuhan, Beijing, and several provinces.

 During the worst months of the coronavirus, the Chinese government kept a lid on the significant developments. It was for official eyes only, and information leaked was controlled and dealt with. The CCP considered keeping secrets from the west.

 Foreign reporters were checked on by Chinese security personnel and one of the caves where the virus's source is. All bat cave samples were taken.

The World Health Organization intends to probe, but the Chinese Communist Party has not allowed entry to Wuhan.

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