The Trump defense will use the video of Maxine Waters as an example of inciting violence. Democrats, according to their critics, have spoken assaults and violence against Republicans and their supporters on tape. Waters was one of them who said such sentiments against Trump supporters.

Roll the tape

Bruce Castor, the Trump attorney, mentions that top Democrats were allegedly caught inciting violence on tape. Waters was livid when she was accused of allegedly harassing any member of the Trump administration on video. She categorically denied announcing to harass, which means to intimidate or attack a person, reported The Epoch Times.

Last Sunday, her version of what Castor and other Trump lawyers say was not exactly accurate, adding they were putting meanings in what was said on the tape.

On MSNBC, she explained that 'harass' was not as it was heard, explaining that she defends using her words and pointing out that people show to express what they feel to Trump supporters. She said that the actual physical harm or any violence on the person was not allegedly encouraged by her tone. She insisted the Trump defense are misinterpreting and twisting words to suit their ends.

It is precisely what the DEMS did when they accused Trump of inciting violence by saying "peacefully and patriotically."

She is now in the focus of Castor because of these remarks in 2018. Observers tend to notice that Democrats go overboard when it comes to Trump.

Waters instructed people that Cabinet members should be booed from restaurants, even saying they would go to their houses and confront them. She added that everyone should harass them, no peace or sleep, which was not very civil in tone.

This video of Maxine Waters inciting violence as evidence will be part of the defense's strategy.

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She said to go after these officials in the Cabinet anywhere they were and bother them wherever they could be seen.

Even as "Push back" on them, 'push' means to shove with force or impel that implied something else.

She added that many would turn on the Trump administration. One can say that she was in a rant that was losing coherence and almost senseless. Four years into his last months, this was only dug up  biased media that tends to favor Democrats.

GOP hitting back

During that time, Trump voiced concern that Waters is encouraging violence to administration supporters. The Republicans are now targeting her for the content on her tape. She now will have to explain what she used the words "harass" and "pushback.

Trump's words are used against him as evidence, while the Democrat has to explain her too. The ex-president's speech is where the House Democrats get their proof of insurrection. Waters on the video needs explaining to do too.

As part of Trump's impeachment defense, Bruce Castor said that he would use Rep. Maxine Waters' video in the defense. He added that she would not be the only one because the Democrats have been using inflammatory words for a long time. She shot back at the Trump lawyer, saying it won't work.

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