The US Army got one of the most advanced Apache Helicopter in its possession that has a few tricks up its sleeve. This armored attack copter has one of the most durable airframes for any weapon system.

 One of the most distinguished helicopters with all the bells and whistles is the Apache that is still in use as America's mainstay in the front lines.

Main battle tank (MBT) can-opener

Compared to other attack helicopters, the AH-64 has been fighting in many conflicts and has a legendary performance. It has everything needed, even a gun that can penetrate the most formidable tank armor, and it's a death bringer, reported Task and Purpose.

One of the first groups of AH-64E version 6 (V6) Apaches will fly the venerable airframe when it arrives. These units will be 1-229th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion based at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington. The army announced it as deliveries of the signature helicopter reaches its combat groups.

Weapons made for pounding battlefield targets.

One of the deadliest gunships built and designed to combat enemy armor and ground targets lethally, with systems better than Chinese or Soviet competitors. Using its M230 30mm cannon, fires depleted uranium roads, Hydra rockets, and Hellfire missiles to ensure anything will get razed.

 The first operation in 2012, the E-model AH-64, is the last variant planned variant of this line (combat helis). One of the long-time users is the Attack Reconnaissance Battalions assigned to Combat Aviation Brigades. These groups use the armored advanced Apache helicopter in reconnaissance and attack missions.

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Some of the upgrades that increase the punch this weapon system delivers search and destroy all opponents on the battlefield.

Finding targets

A modern target detection system that looks for enemies is the Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision System (MTADS/PNVS). It has an infrared laser to point at targets and use better infrared to see enemies in all weather conditions.

Getting better eyes on the battlefield

Mounted is a GEN3 Day Sensor Assembly (GEN3 DSA) that sees targets better with an improved color definition. To recognize targets better and lessen friendly fire.

Advanced digital communication systems

 It is equipped with Link 16 communication systems that connect the helicopter to other weapons systems on the battlefield. It allows the aircraft to receive and share info where there is conflict. It also gives real-time situational awareness to the pilots.

Pilots can control drones

With digital systems that can control drones and give AH-64 crews command of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), this is good for getting information before going out and meeting enemy units.

Adding better weapon sensors and giving pilots aids to fly and avoid getting shot down, with flying drones as partners to scout ahead for danger. Such new war aids give the attack helicopter a more dangerous edge.

For US operators of the variant, it is a leap in technology that exceeds other combat systems used in other nations. For example, getting an image of targets with the GEN 3 DSA with advanced infrared makes it more efficient in taking out targets.

Dangers of friendly fire and no information via Link 16 will give a view of possible targets. Flights of advanced Apache helicopter of the AH-64E version 6 (V6) will be an advantage.

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