Upgrading its offensive capability as Australia orders the US Boeing AH-64 Guardian attack gunship beefed up with new goodies. Getting the apache's improved variant means that China will have its hands full of a helicopter meant to seek and destroy, emphasizing destruction.

Offensive firepower is the emphasis of the Australian Military in choosing the war-proven Apache gunship. Activities of China requires harder hitting and technologically superior equipment, which the Chinese lack.

Helicopters operated by the Australian forces are 22 Eurocopter Tiger helicopters Armed Reconnaissance (ARH) units. They are currently inadequate as threats increase in the Indo-China region, more replacements are needed, reported Eurasian Times.

Sources say that Canberra will get 29 of the updated Apache gunships to keep an offensive power. Extra likes spares, sensors, systems for communication, necessary training, and support from the United States, costing $3.1 billion.

 However, the sale is still in the works, and confirmation is needed from the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA). The agency approves such purchases as Foreign Military Sales (FMS).

 According to the Australian Government that said choosing the equipment depends on how familiar Australian military services are with military equipment selected. Getting the ARH Tiger and learning how to operate the helicopter and similar rotary-wing military vehicles have prompted a more advanced US attack gunship.

 Tiger gunships are not sufficient for Australia's needs in armed defense and offense needs. Getting the best US attack systems like Updated AH-64 beefs up everything.

 Minister Reynolds said that the acquisition of the advanced US armored gunships would deliver in the Government's vision to max out defensive capabilities. Australia orders these AH-64 Guardian Helicopters as excellent weapons to beef up forces.

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 Advanced AH-64E Gunship

 The new model AH-64E, also called the "'Apache Guardian," is the latest gunship series line that is the most successful US military helicopter until now. Many units have been sold to US allies with strict agreements to be stolen by countries like China.

 Beijing was able to get their hands on a working UH-60 Black Hawk and reverse-engineered it. Much of Chinese military technology is stolen and not homegrown. No Chinese attack helicopter can come close to the Guardian Apache.

 The first flight is done in 1975, completing the introduction to service in the US Army in April 1986. It became the trusted attack helicopter with constant improvement of its systems. It has fought in Operation Desert Storm and subsequent conflicts, including the most recent. It became well known as a partner to the A-10 Warthog.

 In December 2019, the AH-64 stood as overwatch to safeguard Marine who secured the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iran. Armed men suspected to have Iranian support were thwarted with heavy aerial help from American Guardians.

 The Indian Air Force uses the Guardian against the People's Liberation Army in Easter Ladakh, and the Line of Actual Control (LAC) has been covered by media a lot. PLA is none too happy having advanced US gunships to worry about, relying on missiles to defend against Guardians since the gunship's cannon can slaughter Chinese armor.

 US AH-64 Guardian Helicopters are different from apache's, having better engines, operating drones, and better landing gear. More upgrades like faster flight speed, climb and loaded with more weapons, which is why Australia orders them. Another extra is they are used for naval use too.

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