A teen who suffered from a coma for eleven months has woken up with no knowledge of the COVID-19 pandemic despite catching the virus twice.

Teenager woke up from coma 11 months after being hit by a car

Teen Wakes up from Coma with No Knowledge of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Despite Catching the Virus Twice
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Teen Wakes up from Coma with No Knowledge of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Despite Catching the Virus Twice Family praying for teen left in coma and fighting Covid after being hit by car

Joseph Flavill, 19, was hit by a car when he was walking near his home on March 1, three weeks before Britain started its first national lockdown. Flavil has spent almost eleven months in a coma. However, after waking up, the teen responds by smiling and blinking at his loved ones.

The teen, also known as Joe, was an A-level student at The de Ferrers Academy in Burton. Last year, Joe was involved in the accident and rushed to Leicester General Hospital. Joe spent six months in a coma. He was then moved to Adderley Green, a neurological rehabilitation center in Stoke-on-Trent, for four months.

During his recovery, Flavil caught COVID-19 twice. The first was when he was still in a coma, and then he tested positive for the coronavirus again after waking up. However, on both occasions, Flavil was able to recover, Daily Mail reported

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After opening his eyes, Flavil made good progress, and in the last few weeks, he started moving his limbs when he was asked to do so. The teen engages with family and friends through smiling and blinking.

Meanwhile, Joe's aunt Sally Flavil-Smith said he was not responding at first even if his eyes were open, but he made' amazing steps over the last few weeks. Sally admired his nephew for trying to engage by blinking or smiling as well as raising limbs on instructions.

"He's making really good progress. We've got to try to remain positive. He's definitely making improvement," Sally told StaffordshireLive.

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Teenager's family was unable to visit him 

Joe's family could not visit him due to the COVID-19 restrictions, but they were able to communicate through Facetime. His aunt said Joe's face lights up when he sees his family and friends on screen.

Recently, the best that his family has seen him although it seems like little progress. Joe can give the nurse a high five, Sally said. On his 19th birthday, Joe's mother was allowed to spend time with him, but he had to stay socially distanced. 

When his mom is doing her laundry, she could see the teen at the door when she drops it off, but the misery is still felt during her son's recovery. Joe, who is an air cadet, was fit and healthy before the accident. He enjoys hockey and other sports. Besides, the teen was waiting to receive his coveted gold Duke of Edinburgh award prior to the incident.

Videos are being shared on the Joe's Journey Facebook page for the teen to follow his friends' activities. To help cover the costs of his treatment he may need in the future, Joe's family set up a fundraising page.

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