A miracle baby was 15 weeks premature, weighing just 1lb 11 oz when born, conquered E.coli, sepsis, and COVID-19 despite the odds.

A miracle baby born prematurely beat E.coli, sepsis, and COVID-19

Miracle Baby: 15-Weeks Premature Withstand Odds, Beat E.Coli, Sepsis, and COVID-19 After He was Born
(Photo : Daily Mirror/ Twitter Screenshot)
Miracle Baby: 15-Weeks Premature Withstand Odds, Beat E.Coli, Sepsis, and COVID-19 After He was Born A miracle baby was 15 weeks premature weighing just 1lb 11 oz when he was born, conquered E.coli, sepsis, and COVID-19 despite the odds.

On December 1, a baby named Archie Edwards left his parents, Robert Edwards and Sheree Murray, in fear after he was born at Burnley General Hospital, without a heartbeat. The stillborn miracle baby was resuscitated. After 40 minutes of chest compressions, he was placed on a ventilator, which his father "felt like an eternity."

At just five weeks, the premature baby scared his family again when he suddenly caught a bacterial infection, E.coli, that led to sepsis, Daily Mail reported. Upon further test, it was discovered that the miracle baby also contracted COVID-19. The baby was thought to be one of the youngest to contract the coronavirus in Britain at just 25 weeks of gestation.

Archie's parents said they feared they would lose their first child, leaving them hoping and praying that he could pull through. Sheree said she had always dreamed of having a baby and feared the worst. 

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However, the brave infant fought both sepsis and COVID-19. Archie is now recovering at Burnley General Hospital's NICU unit and hopes for his return home in March. The miracle baby's mother explained that she was shocked as she had no complications during her pregnancy. 

The mother from Colne, Lancashire, said they were terrified when doctors told them about the baby's heartbeat, sepsis, and COVID-19. Sheree was amazed by her son saying that he was a fighter and proud of the miracle baby made.

"Holding him for the first time felt completely surreal. He was very light, I had him on my chest, the only thing I felt was his head," she added. On November 30, Sheree did not show any complications that Archie would be a premature baby as she had no symptoms, but they were totally shocked when she started to feel crippling pain, Robert Edwards said. 

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The miracle baby's parents thought they would lose their son

Sheree was in so much pain, and the couple thought she would have a miscarriage at the time. Her water broke at her sister's home, so she was rushed to the hospital, where Archie was born after 55 minutes. 

Even if the miracle baby has yet to recover from being premature, he already suffered from various diseases. At five weeks, Archie's fight was far from over as he fell sick again, getting E.coli that developed to sepsis. Doctors discovered that he also contacted COVID-19. 

The brave infant was rushed to the ICU and placed on a ventilator for two weeks to save his life. The miracle baby's father said it breaks his heart being not able to be with his son as he was placed in self-isolation for two weeks. Archie is expected to return home on March 14, 2021, as per LadBible

According to Mirror, the miracle baby's parents tested negative for the coronavirus, but they could not see him for ten days. Despite the odds, the baby fought back to health, and after that, his mother was able to hold him for the first time in weeks. Archie now weighs over 3lb, and his mother hopes her son will leave the ISU soon. 

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