One of the President's children, Eric Trump, said the 'Best is yet to come' in a message before the new administration. He gave these final words to all those who supported his father's presidency the past four years.

Present during the last sendoff of President Donald Trump was his children Eric, Ivanka, and Donald Jr., who shared messages to those who were part of the Presidential journey.

 For many, it was a culmination of four years that many Americans call the best presidency. According to Eric Trump, he made a statement to the press loyal to the Trump administration, right before the official turning over government on Wednesday.

He told Trump supporters," Without a doubt, the best is yet to come." Even if not in the office, his father will be there for the American people.

 In his message, he said that Americans would never allow the old norms that came before his father's term. Consider what the last four years have given, fight for the freedoms and pride that is the hallmark of the red, white, and blue.

For the last four years, Americans have come first, and the Trump administration returned patriot pride to America.

The younger Trump added that his family was subjected to constant media campaigns against his father's administration. Saying all of them were subjected to unprecedented resistance and persecution. He called it the tremendous weight they felt the past four years but still worked for success despite persecution.

Eric Trump is lauding the sacrifice of his father more than any president in office. Donald Trump pushed back knowing he was elected for the job and had to bear a nation's weight on his shoulders.

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Ivanka Trump, who advised her father, posted a tweet on Instagram, saying four years of her dad's presidency has been an incredible journey.

 In her message, she thanked everyone who gave love and support provided. As she leaves DC, expressing the awe, compassion, and grit found in America on her social media account. She added hope and belief that America moves forward positively, accepting differences and looking for common ground to be the greatest nation.

Donald Trump Jr. posted a message; he said, "Thanks, dad!" Saying, "America is indebted to you!" Included in the message is a picture of President Trump clutching an American flag, which is a popular meme on the internet.

Tiffany Trump, whose mother is Marla Maples, has avoided publicity. She wrote on Twitter how celebrating many relevant events have transpired in the White House. All the memories there are important to her, including her upcoming engagement to MichaelZBoulos. She is looking forward to what comes next.

Last Wednesday, President Trump reminded everyone of what his administration has achieved-citing the creation of more jobs, stopping the Chinese from their activities that undermine, a better stock market, and lots more.

After leaving the White House lawn that sank countless Americans' feelings, Trump said he wouldn't be going anywhere-leaving for his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

Rumors are rife that the Trumps will start a media or another political party with MAGA as its base.

Eric Trump said many Americans support his father, and Donald Trump will be remembered. He added this is not the end, a future in real estate and more awaits.

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