Trump awards the Legion of Merit award to the Moroccan King for his efforts in the middle east. In 2020, the Trump administration made moves to improve the conditions in the region.

Trump Gives Legion of Merit to Moroccan King 

In the last days of Trump's administration, he acknowledges world leaders who have helped reach that goal.

Only the United States president can give such an award, and other heads of state or government of other countries reported MSN.

Last December, the United States acknowledged that Morocco has control over the Western Sahara territory. It included territory that was under dispute with southern Morocco and Mauritania.

Per an agreement with the administration, Morocco opened up partial ties diplomatically with Israel soon. Included are direct flights between Morocco and Israel, with technological and economic cooperation too.

The president wants to create a condition in the middle east where nations in the region will support Israel in a volatile time. Washington considers Iran as a threat to middle east peace, as Iran is saber-rattling of late.

Isreal is considered one of Iran's most effective countermeasures, but it needs other Arab countries' support. This will be the legacy of the president for the middle east.

Unfortunately, King Mohammed of Morocco was not able to personally accept the prestigious award from President Trump. Instead, an ambassador was a proxy for him. Princess Lalla Joumala stood in for the Moroccan King in a private ceremony in the White House.

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Though failing to regain another term in one of the most chaotic elections, America's commander-in-chief will spend the last days in the Oval Office giving commendations and awards to friends and allies who stood by him. Despite opposition against his administration, those receiving awards show the achievements it has reached.

Earlier in the week, the president awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan. There was no shortage of allies like Jordan, who fought for the administration despite opposition to it.

Another award is announced for the New England coach Bill Belichick. Winning the Super Bowl six times, he is to be given the Medal of Freedom but declined for some reasons.

Four years of the administration have given meaning to achievements that have benefited many Americans with these efforts. There is no shortage of men and women who worked hard for it. It is not only world leaders but those on the home-front pushing for America's progress.

In the last four years, an economic boom gave U.S. citizens more jobs than hiring for all of them. Plus, unemployment reached 3.5%, which is the least in 50 years. There were about 7 million jobs generated, more than expected.

When the pandemic hit and closed the country and reopened, the economic movement helped America get back on its feet again.

Another is bringing back to the American people by making America first, and that gave dividends and improvements made possible, but the hard work of everyone concerned.

President Trump and his commendation for the Moroccan King will acknowledge American allies abroad and at home.

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