The result of big tech censorship of Donald Trump snowballed as world leaders say it is a threat to democracy. Some international leaders call it a devolution to communism that threatens everyone in the free world.

 President Trump's banning started a domino effect, and world leaders are denouncing tech firms that control free speech on their social media platforms.

The U.S. president has been censored by Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, and Instagram. They are significant firms that are social media-based that has crossed the line, reported The Epoch Times.

 Twitter removed the commander in chief permanently and gave the reason for taking down his post because of "Glorification of Violence Policy."

 According to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said the censoring of Trump sets a dangerous precedent. She added that interference in the "Freedom of opinion" is disturbing, and expressing freely is significant. Steffen Siebert, a spokesperson, said on January 11.

 Seibert said the right to free speech could be criticized, but there are limits to how much censorship is allowed. It is not the decision of those managing social media platforms to decide what is appropriate.

 He added that the Chancellor's blocking of the U.S. president's account will affect how social media is viewed now. Even the French government has agreed with the views of the German Chancellor.

 Clement Beaune, the junior minister for European Union affairs, called the unilateral decision by a tech firm, which is essentially private.

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 He told Bloomberg TV that a CEO does not possess the right to decide for everyone. It is the citizens of a country with that prerogative. This unprecedented breach of CEOs will need to be regulated, and big online platforms are policed.

The French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said the move is a threat of a digital oligarchy composed of tech giants, who can determine content and free thought. Democracy is now under threat by runaway tech firms without strict guidelines.

 More calls to keep Big Tech firms under stricter control are Manfred Weber, the European People's Party leader. He is part of a center-right political party that may be affected like President Trump.

 On Twitter last January 11, he posted that American Big Tech has no monopoly over what is correct or not online. Suppressive tech firms' actions are a danger to compromise searching and consensus-building, relevant to free and democratic societies.

 Norway's left-wing Labor Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre stated that top tech firms' censorship is a danger to political freedom in all nations.

 He added that Twitter should not be so selective on only Trump. It should be done for everyone.

 Støre said that social media firms compromise freedom. It is this line. Twitter has begun making American conservatives' examples; next should be to do it to all people not following their censorship or ban them.

 According to Acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack of Australia, many have said such inappropriate things on Twitter. Why has this kind of censorship been allowed?

Tech Censorship of Donald Trump has caused these reactions in world leaders who unanimously say no to censorship.

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