The recent banning of Parler from Amazon servers claims it encouraged violence. According to the White House,it sets a grim precedent by Liberal tech firms. It is ominous for free speech as conservative content is shutdown.

 Big Tech firms act against liberals and have a monopoly on that censor apps according to their whims. Deciding whether the content is violent or not when it is not applied universally has started an adverse chain reaction.

 The White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Director Peter Navarro cited the Parler free speech app's banning because it won't censor users. When it did not comply, Amazon arbitrarily decides to boot out the app from its servers, reported The Epoch Times.

 On Fox Business, Navarro said that it is a collusive oligopoly and is not new. He added the fierce attack on the app is chilling. It is an assault on free speech online for conservatives; it is a unitary move where Google and Apple intentionally suppressed the app. The banning shows their overall intent to decide on how appropriate media is for specific sectors they consider as unfit or violates.

 Recently, Google and Apple took down Parler from online stores, and on Monday, Amazon joined them in the giant push that annihilates the app online. It is also cut access from its conservation users, John Matze, the Parler CEO, condemned this big tech collusion. His app had a massive uptick in traffic when Twitter and FB silenced Trump, which is ominous for free speech.

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 Matze went  offensive against Amazon Web Services (AWS) and filed a case against the big tech firm. Adding that he got a text from an Amazon rep to Matze, the text suggested that AWS was not keen on President Trump using it as an alternative to Twitter. Not the violent content as reasoned out, but the need to deny Trump an online audience.

 Matze said Amazon Web Services (AWS) broke more laws that included the Sherman Antitrust Act when it filed in Washington state.

 Navarro calls Amazon cutting off its cloud services to the small startup, which could be competition. He added that it was an intention on the big tech Amazon to kill its competition, characteristic of a monopoly.

 He added and criticized how the former Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, and Communist propaganda is allowed on Twitter. While Trump is banned from it, the CCP and Ayatollah are also against American interests.

CEO Jack Dorsey addressed twitter's ban of Trump.

 Jack Dorsey, Twitter's CEO, defended the banning of the president. He alleged that Trump has divisive comments that affect the public conversation. Claims it divided everyone and is limits everything in how its viewed. Overall, he defines Trump's opinion as dangerous.

 His comments were met with chastisement from world leaders of many nations, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) saying that big tech cannot say what is right or wrong.

Kate Ruane, a senior legislative counsel of the ACLU, called the banning of Trump a threat to free speech as world leaders.

 Parler app is essential to free speech, and big tech shutting it down is ominous for free speech, as Navarro implies.

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