Simon Bowes-Lyon, a relative of Queen Elizabeth the new Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, pleaded guilty to the woman's sexual assault, according to the BBC.

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According to the report, in February 2020, a close relative of the monarch barged into the guest-room of the 26-year-old woman and physically assaulted her. The Daily Record recorded that at the time, Bowes-Lyon was intoxicated and smelled of cigarettes when he attempted to force himself on the victim. Bowes-Lyon, 34, allegedly moved his way into the woman's room during the 20-minute sexual assault and tried to take off her nightgown.

He tried to get in again. The woman was, however, successful in getting assistance from another guest staying at the castle. The morning after the sexual assault, the woman notified the police.

Simon Bowes-Lyon, the Queen Mother's great-great-nephew and cousin twice removed to the king, was given bail and put on the registry of sex offenders, with instructions from the judge to determine whether Glamis Castle was appropriate for him to remain with electronic surveillance. Sentencing was postponed, but the Daily Record notes that he faces up to five years in jail.

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Simon Bowes-Lyon said: "I am greatly ashamed of my actions, which have caused such distress to a guest in our home. Clearly I had drunk to excess on that night of the incident." at the Outside court. 

He repeatedly admitted that he forced her to the bed, squeezed her breasts forcibly, repeatedly tried to pull her nightdress, pushed her against a wall, touched her, and kissed her.

The flashy aristocrat, who boasts of his passion for fast cars and holidays with reality TV stars, gave a 'no comment' interview at the headquarters of Dundee to the police.

Simon Bowes-Lyon sent an apology to the woman for the sexual assault he committed by email, and he offered another apology in court for his conduct.

He said, "I did not think I was capable of behaving the way I did but I have had to face up all of it and take responsibility. My apologies go, above all, to the woman concerned, but I would also like to apologize to my family, friends, and colleagues for the distress I have caused them.".

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In the recent fourth season of The Crown, the Bowes-Lyon side of the family was prominently listed. In the Netflix series, Princess Margaret was seen finding two relatives who were erroneously believed to have died while they were in an asylum with severe learning disabilities.

Bowes-Lyon is the Queen Mother's great-grand-nephew and a twice-removed cousin of Queen Elizabeth.

The Queen Mother's childhood home was Glamis Castle, the seat of the Bowes-Lyon family since 1372.