The early impeach trial demanded by the DEMS have been rejected and shut down by Mitch McConnell. Previously Mike Pence refused the 25th Amendment citing the moves of Pelosi were divisive.

 It is the second time the DEMS has attempted to impeach President Trump; the first one failed.

On Wednesday, McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader (Republican), a second move to impeach the President is too early. Citing that it would not begin after the end of Trump's term and he becomes citizen Trump, reported NTD. He added that things wouldn't move until a new president is sworn in.

He rejected and shut the door by Pelosi and the DEMS to go back to the American Capitol to proceed against the Republican party president. Democrats are keen on impeaching Trump as his term end on January 20.

After the Vice president gave a big no to invoking the 25th, Democrats switched gears and got a vote to impeach Trump. They claim that the President incited his followers to cause all the trouble at the capital and breach the Capitol building last January.

 McConnell's rebuke of the DEMS expediting the process is a reaction to the circumstances of President Trump's proposed impeaching. Pence told Pelosi to stop playing political games as the nation has more pressing concerns.

 McConnel said their rules and procedures, even Senate precedents to guide in impeaching the President. He adds the short period is not sufficient, and it should be fair when done. Saying a fast-tracked trial will be partial and one-sided has a benefit for the party wanting to impeach.

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Citing that three such trials were done in the Senate to try a president. Most took 83 days, 37 days, and 21 days to finish making this clarification on-demand to conclude by January 20.

 He added that if the Senate were to follow the House DEMS and start this week and go through the motions, try Trump. There is not enough time to do the trial, much less reach a verdict because he is not in the office soon. Calling the examples cold and hard facts and deciding is futile.

 Even the next to occupy the Oval Office said that this is the most efficient way to the White House once Trump ends his term in January, which contrasts to the DEMS speaker in the lower house.

The Senate's schedule is no sessions till January 19, before the inauguration of the next one in the White House. A vote to start a second impeachment got a 232-197 vote. Most were DEMS, but 10 GOP decided to vote against their party mate.

 Most of the Republicans were stunned at the proceedings and had nothing but reproach for the process. They warned the DEMS were causing divisiveness, and fracturing is already a frothing state of affairs. Much liked the protests and riots that damaged citied months back, but they keep quiet about it.

 McConnell kept his opinions to himself and that getting in the next administration is the priority, not an early impeachment that does not satisfy conditions in the first place.

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