No more excuses for one of the most prolific scorers and scoring champion of the NBA, after James Harden's blockbuster trade request finally pushed through, as his dissatisfaction with the Houston Rockets finally landed him in the Brooklyn Nets.

The Beard, who was fully dissatisfied with things happening in Houston, engineered his way to New York, wherein he finally teams up with star point guard, Kyrie Irving, and former OKC teammate Kevin Durant.

Based on some analysts, the four-team blockbuster trade is a win for every team involved, as the Houston Rockets was able to pull off an impressive haul of the first-round draft picks and a legitimate rising star Victor Oladipo, that can be pair up with John, creating a deadly backcourt for the Rockets.

The addition of Caris LeVert also to the side of Pacers is also an impressive move by the franchise that is a Playoff contender already in the East.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have also acquired Center Jarrett Allen and forward Taurean Prince from the Brooklyn Nets while sending Dante Exum and a 2022 first-round pick (the Bucks' pick, not their own) to the Rockets.

But it is mainly the James Harden Blockbuster trade, as he finally will be suiting up for the Nets.

As experts are considering Harden an insouciant player, disrespecting his teammates and even his organization, responding self-centered answers to the interviews, but on Tuesday, he finally got what he wanted, however, he needs to prove himself that he was worth all the trouble, reported.

According to CBS Sports, the stunning move orchestrated by the Nets organization is definitely one of the best trades in history as it is a gamble worthy of first-pumping and celebration for Sean Marks and his front office.

 even though it is a coup for the Nets, it is still a gamble as they already put their chips all-in in the James Harden Blockbuster trade in order to create the Kyrie-KD-Harden trio.

Chemistry is still in question, despite the fact that Kyrie and KD had already found their rhythm together, as James Harden also wants a huge chunk of ball share.

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The journey of the three superstars on to the Brooklyn Nets is a not sweet trip down the lane.

Kevin Durant, who is one of the most dynamic and dangerous basketball players on earth, has been the center of criticism when he left the warriors as some fans said that he just joined the Warriors in order to get a championship, before joining the Nets.'

While Irving who initially left Cleveland to get away from the shadow of LeBron James also suffered or even caused the problem in the locker room of Boston before joining the Brooklyn Nets.

As the Celtics reached the Conference finals after Kyrie left the franchise.

Moreover, the James Harden Blockbuster trade is the result of the Beard not able to coexist with Chris Paul and longtime friend Russell Westbrook, ESPN reported.

Despite a lot of talents left the Nets, definitely, Brooklyn is filled with superstars.

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