Last week, the United States Capitol was stormed not by ordinary individuals only as some sources even spotted Olympic swimmer Klete Keller, among the crowd of rioters.

The 38-year-old two-time Olympic gold medal winner was reportedly spotted in a video from inside the Capitol Rotunda, which was posted by a reporter for the news outlet, Townhall, on Wednesday.

According to the swimming website SwimSwam, they have shared that at least a dozen of individuals within the field of swimming have identified the gold medalist swimmer, Keller, as a bearded man seen in the clip wearing a Team USA Olympic jacket.

Based on the shared footage, it seemed to show Keller, who is like a tower over the crowd, with a height of 6-feet-6-inches, a rioter was pushing against police officers who were trying to clear the area.

Another available video shows Keller, standing calmly in the Rotunda building while holding a bottle of water based on the swimming website.

As of Tuesday, the former athlete's social media accounts had been deleted, but he had previously posted his support for President Donald Trump, according to a report, USA Today reported.

On the other hand, currently, no videos available that show Keller acting violently.

However, a number of individuals who entered the building have been charged with unlawful entry and disorderly conduct.

The Olympic swimmer has won five medals for the United States during the 2000, 2004, and 2008 Olympics.

He was also a former swimmer Ryan Lochte and the most decorated athlete Michael Phelps.

According to multiple reports are trying to get the side of the pro-Trump swimmer regarding the issue. However, they could not reach him. Even his phone number listed at work is not available.

Keller was listed as a real estate agent with Hoff & Leigh in Colorado until Tuesday.

On Tuesday, according to the company Hoff & Leigh, they have shared that Keller, who is an independent contractor, had resigned and is no longer under their company.

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The biographical information of Keller on the website of the company was removed from the website.

According to Daily Mail, Chief executive of the International Swimming Hall of Fame and publisher of Swimming World, Brent Rutemiller shared that the photos and images which circulated online of Keller inside the Capitol during the January 6 surge were accurate depictions of the who is Olympic champion who is having his training at Phoenix Club other Olympic champions had also be trained, shared and club.

In an email, Rutemiller shared that it is Klete in the video and he has confirmed it.

He also did not have any elaboration on why he was certain of the identity of Keller, but he mentioned that he was able to recognize the USA Ye jacket that the person in the images was wearing, Fox News reported.

But USA Swiming, which is the governing body of the Olympic of sports also shared that they don't have any idea of its identity, and they cannot confirm the accuracy of what was seen in the video if it was indeed the renowned Olympic swimmer.

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