For a historic second time on Wednesday, President Donald Trump was impeached by the United States House, becoming the first president to be impeached twice and faced charges with incitement of insurrection over the deadly mob at the Capitol in a swift and a collapse from the finals days of his office.

While the Capitol has been secured by the armed troops of the National Guard inside and out, Trump impeached as the House voted 232-197.

The said proceedings happened swiftly, with lawmakers cast their votes just a week after the violence caused by Trump loyalists who breached the United States Capitol, egged on by the previous statements of the president, as he calls for them to question the results of the November 2020 Presidential elections.

According to The Guardian, the Democrats who emphasized Trump impeached, as he needs to be held accountable and warned of the clear and present danger if Congress should leave his presidency unchecked before the inauguration of Democrat Joe Biden on January 20 has been joined by Ten Republicans who shifted from Trump.

More than against Bill Clinton in 1998, it was the most bipartisan presidential impeachment by the Congress in modern times, as Trump is the only United States president to be impeached twice.

As the lawmakers were sent scrambling for safety as the mob descended, the Capitol insurrection had angered lawmakers as it revealed the fragility of the nation's history of peaceful transfers of power.

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The Capitol riot also forced a reckoning on a number of Republicans, who have been on Trump's side throughout his presidency as most of also helped him question the integrity of the 2020 presidential election.

Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker invoked Abraham Lincoln and the Bible, which implored lawmakers to uphold their oath in defending the Constitution from all enemies, whether it will be foreign or domestic, Associated Press reported.

Pelosi also added that Trump must go, as he is a clear and present danger to the nation that they love.

While watching the proceedings on the television at the White House, Trump, later on, released a statement in a video, wherein he appealed to his supporters to refrain from any further violence or disruption of the inauguration of Biden, however, he did not mention any information about the impeachment at all, CNBC reported.

Trump shared during his statement, that just like the rest of the people, he was deeply saddened by the incident at the Capitol last week and he also appealed for unity moving forward.

He also mentioned that mob violence goes through everything he believes in and everything that their movement stands for, which means no true supporter of him can ever disrespect law enforcement.

The first time Trump impeached by the House, it was over his dealings with Ukraine in 2019, however, the Senate voted to acquit Trump.

Trump is the first president in U.S. History to be impeached twice but none has been convicted by the Senate.

The Republicans mentioned on Wednesday that it could change due to the sudden change of political environment as officeholders, donors, huge businesses, and others peel away from Trump.

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