After the world's largest online video-sharing platform, sent a warning issued to the White House, YouTube suspended the United States President Donald Trump's account for posting on one of Google's owned company.

YouTube Suspends President Donald Trump

YouTube mentioned on Tuesday night that the President uploaded content that violated the imposed policies of the video-sharing company, which gives it an automatic one-strike, leading to a seven-day suspension from uploading new content.

The video-sharing platform also shared that it also disabled the comments section of the account.

Despite no specifications coming from the online video-sharing company as to which videos violated the company's policies, but it had mentioned that the content includes the comments made by Trump at a press conference Tuesday morning.

YouTube also mentioned that it violated policies that prohibit content for inciting violence.

The YouTube account of Donald J. Trump currently has 2.77 million subscribers and it usually posts a number of videos a day from himself and from right-wing media stations.

Under the three-strike system by YouTube, a channel will be suspended for a week after its first strike, two weeks after the second time of violations, while the account will be terminated once it committed a third strike within 90 days, CNBC reported.

After Youtube suspends Trump's account, he will not be able to upload new content, but the account and existing videos will remain accessible.

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Based on the released statement by the company on social media on Wednesday evening, they shared that after their review and in light of concerns regarding the ongoing potential for violence, they have removed the new content uploaded to the channel of Donald J. Trump for violating their policies.

According to The Washington Post, the company also added that due to the ongoing concerns regarding violence, they will also be indefinitely disabling comments on the channel of President Trump, as they have done to other channels where there are safety concerns detected in the comments section.

The spokesperson of the company shared that they had also removed videos from the YouTube account of the White House but, instead of a first strike, the company issued a warning because in the past there has been no history of violative content on the said channel, but once it would upload a violative content on its channel, it would automatically receive a strike based on their policy.

YouTube made the announcement on Thursday that it would suspend any channel committing the first strike, posting new videos of false claims in violation of its policies, rather than giving them a warning first.

Alphabet employees called on YouTube executives on late Thursday, to take further action against the president, criticizing them for not suspending his account and reasoning that he would incite further misinformation and violence.

Before YouTube suspends Trump's account, violence arose at the United States Capitol by some pro-Trump supporters on Wednesday, which had left five individuals dead, Deutsche Welle reported.

The public, as well as the politicians, have called for social media and technology companies to more closely moderate their platforms as it can trigger and can serve as a catalyst for further violence.

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