As a rare ruling party congress came to a close after eight days of discussions regarding policies, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un called for greater nuclear war deterrence and to push North Korea military capability at maximum according to the report state News agency KCNA on Wednesday.

The Eighth Party Congress came just more than a week before the United States president-elect Joe Biden will take his office and in the middle of a prolonged gridlock in talks aimed at ending the nuclear and missile program of North Korea in return for U.S. sanction relief.

According to Reuters, the state news agency quoted that the Supreme Leader said during the conclusion of the congress that they must do everything that they can in order to increase nuclear war deterrence even further as they are building the strongest North Korea military capability.

Last week, the leader of the Hermit state shared that he will be expanding military capabilities in order to defend the North and called for placing state defense capabilities on a much higher level.

The Supreme Leader has called for continued production of nuclear weapons for his arsenal, unveiled what would be the largest ICBM yet at a parade in October, and launched a series of smaller missiles, since the announcement of the self-declared moratorium on nuclear testing and intercontinental ballistic missile launches from 2018, The Straits Times reported.

The congress, which lasted for eight days in North Korea's capital, Pyongyang, is the first since 2016, which was, in turn, the first time since 1980.

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The Hermit state leader shared to the party congress last week that the five-year economic plan of his had failed to meet its goals, as he blamed the international sanction as well as unanticipated crises which include the COVID-19 and natural disasters.

On the other hand, the sister of the Supreme Leader and also a member of the Party Central Committee, Kim Yo Jong, had criticized the military of South Korea for monitoring a parade in Pyongyang.

Kim Yo Jong also shared in a separate statement, which was carried by the state news agency, KCNA, that the said move was an expression of the hostile approach of the South.

On Monday, the military of South Korea mentioned that it had detected signs that North Korea is holding a military parade at night time on Sunday for its ruling Worker's party congress after the leader Kim Jong Un also announced to maximize North Korea Military Capability.

Kim Yo Jong, who is a key adviser to her brother, Kim Jong Un, also mentioned in a statement carried by KCNA that the southerners are truly a weird group and hard to understand, Bloomberg reported.

She also mentioned, which confirms the schedule of the parade that they are only holding a military parade in the capital city and not doing any military exercises and targeting anybody nor launch anything.

The sister of Kim Jong Un had appeared to suffer demotion at the meeting after not appearing on the lists of those who are appointed to the party central committee, after being an alternate member previously.

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