An Iowa Trump supporter was arrested after he was seen in a YouTube video as one of those responsible for the capitol riot. The recent takedown of videos on Youtube has painted many law-abiding Trump supporters in a bad light.

Reports that Des Moines Police Sgt. Paul Parizek said that officers helped in the arrest of 41-year-old Doug Jensen. They went to his home Friday night, located on the south side of Des Moines City.

The suspect was taken to the Polk County Jail, where he was incarcerated and booked early Saturday with five federal charges. According to the FBI's office in Omaha, Nebraska, and the county sheriff's office, their trespass, and disorderly conduct counts reported AP News.

 Sgt. Ryan Evans of the county sheriff's office indicated that Jensen is not allowed based on the charges; neither is known if he has an attorney to defend him. On Tik-Tok, he posted a video under the username @dougjensen. The video he posts on TikTok was taken down as of this reporting (please check the link).

 In his video, Jenson reasoned out he was targeted and made an abject lesson by the dominant establishment. He told everyone the news is false, and no one should believe what the media says.

 Twitter and Facebook have recently decided to brand what is fit for social media and censors' accounts that they deemed false.

The video in question was prominently posted showing the Iowa Trump supporter arrested by police via YouTube, showing the entry protestors on Wednesday. The narrator says that Jensen, a white man, runs after a black police officer up a stairwell, with others behind him. The officers say get back to the could with no effect.

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 Intrusion into the inner sanctums of the capitol build is now a serious issue. Another is how the alleged Trump mob got a less severe treatment than the more violent demonstration by looters and rioters-alleging skewered treatment if the one protesting is black. Less aggressive pushback has put the Capitol police under fire.

Questions came about asking if there is an agenda to disrupt the vote-counting by lawmakers, who confirmed the election's outcome. The unrest of the alleged supporters caused a change of plans for the GOPs electoral disagreement.

 The Associated Press picture shows that Jensen wore a stocking cap and a QAnon T-shirt over a hooded sweater.

 William Routh, 54, of Clarksville, Arkansas, Jensen's brother, told the press brother had not broken into the building. The media has a field day misrepresenting the supporters of Trump not telling everything on that day.

 His brother and other supporters were left inside and shown around in the building. They even took pictures with the policemen adding that the alleged video showing Jensen is staged but other parties.

 Routh said that his brother never lied and is a good man, a family man. He added that his brother and his companions are patriots warned that the Democrats want control at all costs; they will steal the country. He said no one wants an American with Democrats in charge.

Attempts to ask Jensen has been futile, said a report from KCCI-TV. He is now vilified by the law with a charge of impairment while driving. The Iowa Trump supporter was arrested after the events in the capitol based on media and big tech narratives.

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