The Democrats cannot impeach Trump after leaving, and the rules of the Senate bind them to it and the Constitution. After the January 6 incident, many in Washington D.C. are keen to limit him once he becomes "Citizen Trump."  

Democrats Cannot Impeach Trump

According to Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz, the DEMS's move to impeach Trump is not feasible. They don't have enough time, and their intentions need more time, short of bending the Constitution before the January 20 inauguration day.

Dershowitz mentioned to Fox Business last Sunday that attempts by the DEMS to bring are not enough time. If the trial cannot come before 1 p.m. on January 20, theSenate's rules cannot be broken. DEMS and anti-Trumpers have been pushing for it since January, reported The Epoch Times.

Those who railed against Trump and tried to impeach him a year ago did not succeed, adding that the Constitution is against impeaching a former president. In four years, Trump has done more and made profound changes that made him famous to Americans.

He further explained the Constitution that impeachment means removal from office, not when he's a former president. Once Trump is out of office, Congress has no power over him, says the Constitution. Democrats are moving to have a lightning impeachment too.

After the DEMS have suggested the proposed impeachment articles, citing Trump's speech to protestors at D.C. grounds. Many say that Trump intentionally caused the violence that ensued in the capitol. Later Trump issued a statement that was blocked by Twitter and other social media. Rules dictate that it is not enough that Democrats cannot impeach Trump.

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Trump told the crowd their protests show that they have pride and boldness retaking America. It should be clear that the President did not ask that violence to be committed, or the capitol to be breached intentionally. He condemned the violence that happens that was allegedly committed by Trump loyalists.

At one point, the President emphasized peacefully and patriotically in his speech punctuated, but some had other interpretations.

 One more of Trump's defenders in the House impeachment inquiry, law professor Jonathan Turley said that those who intend on impeaching him are setting up a dangerous condition to follow.

Turley added that Trump and Bill Clinton's impeachment does not have any clear offense, though Congress had to refer the criminal code to check what is impeachable or not. For the unrest that the DEMS blamed on Trump, he never said to commit violence or rioting to happen. It was a peaceful protest to question votes in the elections.

 It is an interpretation of the DEMS and the President's detractors who say that incited any violence at all. Trump supporters have been peaceful compare to other elements.

The Democrats and some of the GOP are already thinking of the 25thAmendment, which concerns succession if the current President is out of office.

 The Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, a member of Trump's cabinet, is firmly against the 25th Amendment and the conditions of invoking it. His concern is the repercussions that will follow after that.

 Based on Alan Dershowitz's comments, Democrats cannot impeach Trump short of breaking the rules of the Senate and Constitution.

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