A reward of as much as $50,000 was offered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as they announced on Thursday that it will be given to anyone who can give any information which will lead to the arrest and conviction of the suspect or suspects accused of placing suspected pipe bombs in Washington.

According to the authorities, the DC pipe bombs were found at the headquarters of the DNC or the Democratic National Committee and the RNC or the Republican National Committee on Wednesday, Forbes reported.

Bureau Releases Photo of Suspect

The FBI released a photo of the suspect who is seen wearing a mask along with a hoodie and gloves to hide his identity from any surveillance camera.

The reward offer for the DC pipe bomb incident was part of the announcement made by the FBI which includes the release of the photos of dozens of suspects who were accused by the agency of unlawfully entering the United States Capitol that day, Fox News reported.

During the unprecedented breach of an American government institution, a violent mob was witnessed as a number of them were carrying weapons and can be seen roaming the halls of the federal building.

After smashing and dismantling the property of the Capitol, Rioters barged into the chambers of House and Senate leaders wherein Capitol Hill staffers and lawmakers went under a lockdown or can be seen hidden behind chairs or under tables.

The Washington Field Office of the FBI shared that they are seeking help from the public in identifying the offenders, especially regarding the DC pipe bombs.

In a statement released by the agency, they asked the public if anyone with information regarding the individuals responsible, or anyone who witnessed any unlawful violent actions at the Capitol or in its nearby area can contact the Toll-Free Tipline of the agency at 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324) to verbally report tips.

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They also wrote that any individual who was able to witness any unlawful violent actions, they are urged to submit any information, it can be videos or photos that could be relevant at fbi.gov/USCapitol.

The Metro Police Department of the city released on Thursday the photos of the persons of interest they were searching for.

Anyone who will be providing information that will lead to the arrest of the persons involved in the current incident and indigent was up to $1,000.

At least five individuals died in connection with the series of riots in D.C.

According to NBC among those who were killed is a woman from California that was shot by a police officer inside the Capitol building.

Three individuals also died during the protests as it was due to their existing medical issues.

On the other hand, a United States Capitol Police Officer, who identified as Brian Sicknick also died on Thursday as he was injured after having physical engagement with protesters in D.C.

Based on the latest information gathered by authorities, at least 70 individuals have been arrested so far in connection to the unrest.

The protests in the Capitol did not only alarm the security of the seat of Democracy but also delayed the electoral vote count, thus, the FBI found it necessary to apprehend the suspects immediately prompting the $50K reward.

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