A swing of events in the wrong direction happened to Washington Wizard's star Bradley Beal as he was able to set a career-high with 60 points on Wednesday night against the Philadelphia 76ers but they fell short from getting a W as the buzzer sounded at Wells Fargo Center, 141-136.

Bradley Beal Sets Career-High 60 points in Loss Against the Philadelphia 76ers

Beal who is pissed about the game stated that he is mad and he does not count any of his career highs as they have been in losses.

He also mentioned that he does not care and it can be thrown right away along with his two or three other career highs that he had.

Beal also shared that scoring 40, 50, 60, is nothing as all he just wants is to win, whatever it looks like but they just came a little bit short on their game against the 76ers, ESPN reported.

The 60-point performance of Beal tied the franchise record of the Wizards which was set by Gilbert Arenas in 2006.

Beal was on fire through the first three quarters as he poured 57 points for only 36 minutes of the game.

Washington started the fourth quarter with a 10-point deficit while hot-handed Beal is sitting on the bench, he was put back to the game when the score was tied at 119 with only 7 minutes and 50 seconds remaining in the game where he only managed to score 3 points until the buzzer sounded.

In his action in the fourth quarter, Beal only managed to drain a single shot and split a pair of free throws however it is already no bearing as it was already in the final seconds of the game.

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If Beal was the hot-handed player for the Washington Wizards, it is not the case for the 76ers as they finished the game shooting 61.7% from the field and went 62.1% beyond the arc, dropping 18 of 29 long bombs, Sports Illustrated reported.

Beal also shared the 76ers got stops and made more plays compared to them down the stretch and players like Embiid had made tough shots which favored the game for Philadelphia.

The afternoon before the game for Beal was consumed by a lot of events in Washington as a mob of individuals who support President Donald Trump breached the United States Capitol.

Since, the 2012 NBA draft where he was chosen by the Wizards franchise as the third overall pick of the draft class, Beal found a home in Washington, and for him, it is hard to see what is currently happening and he also mentioned that it would be a different story if the individuals who stormed the Capitol are all Black, NY Post reported.

Beal also stated that it very emotional and very disheartening in a number of ways as there is a lack of urgency in responding to what was going on compared to the protesters during the Black Lives Matter movement over the summer.

Aside from Beal, coach of the 76ers and Atlanta Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce also echoed their sentiments earlier on Wednesday.

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