Many countries have implemented travel restrictions on the United Kingdom following reports of a new, possibly more infectious COVID-19 variant circulating the nation. At least 33 nations have recorded cases of the new variant.

The Spread of New Coronavirus Variant From UK 

Reports of the new novel coronavirus variant that was first detected in the United Kingdom has taken the world by storm. According to British evaluation, it is reportedly more contagious, 70 percent more transmissible than the original variant.

France, Canada, Spain, Japan, and Norway have detected small numbers of cases of the new coronavirus variant most associated with travel from the UK.

The rapid prevalence of the variant led to London and southern England's quarantine, prompted a temporary French blockade of the English Channel, and resulted in nations across the globe prohibiting travelers from Britain, reported The Straits Times.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is inadequate information to determine whether the variants could undermine vaccines being disseminated throughout the world.

The United States recorded its first case of the variant B.1.1.7 in Colorado -- a man in his 20s with no latest travel history who is currently isolated, reported Reuters.

India officials confirmed that six people who just arrived in the country from Britain have tested positive for the virus' new variant. All of the patients have been kept in isolation, according to the health ministry. Their fellow travelers were being traced, and their close contacts were imposed quarantine, reported The Guardian.

Since November, the new COVID-19 variant ravaging Britain has been detected in Germany, according to health officials on Tuesday, following the detection of the variant in a patient who died in the country's north.

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Researchers were able to sequence the variant in a person who contracted it in November 2020, according to the health ministry of Lower Saxony in a statement.

Singapore has confirmed one case of infection, with 11 others in quarantine returning preliminarily positive results.

Denmark has detected 33 cases with the new strain.

France health authorities have confirmed the nation's first case of the COVID-19 variant that imposed rigid new lockdown measures in the UK and global travel restrictions. A French man residing in England arrived in France on December 19 and tested positive for the new variant, stated the French public health agency.

Due to the fact that few countries have the level of genomic surveillance that the UK does, there is concern that the variant could have been traveling across the globe undetected for a while.

According to a recent study by British scientists, there is no evidence that the variant is fatal than others but surmised that it is 56 percent more infectious.

The UK was the first country to record the new variant of COVID-19 in September 2020. The nation's health minister Matt Hancock stated the new variant was becoming out of control and prompted the government to impose more stringent lockdown measures and a host of countries to bar travel from the UK.

Singapore confirmed its new variant case on December 23. The patient was identified as a 17-year-old female who had returned from the UK after studying there since August.

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