A former aide to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that he had been sexually harassing her. The former aide had to suffer the indignation despite her qualifications for the job.

 That aide is now running to be a Manhattan borough president when last Sunday, her tweet accused the governor of his altitude unbecoming of an elected official.

 Lindsay Boylan wrote that targeted her for years, with harassment while many saw what happened and just watched, reported Democrat and Chronicle.

 She added working for Cuomo had many uncertainties; she was qualified for her position and yet competent but got harassed for her looks. She did not know what to do or expect when doing her tasks. Revealing that it went on for years too.

When it came to asking if the former aide was not lying about these allegations, Caitlin Girouard, the press secretary, said the claims were not valid and nothing else.

 Boylan, 36, was part of the Cuomo administration for five years, from March 2015 to October 2018, with several roles before leaving. Initially, she was the executive vice president of the Empire State Development body and moved on as a special adviser for economic development.

Despite her report of what the governor did to harass her constantly, there were no exact details given to the Associated Press. Boylan, in a tweet, explained that she was not talking to any news outlets. What she made clear was that sexual harassment by Cuomo of many women should stop.
It could not come at a wrong time when Boylan's harassment affects the possible choice of the 63-year-old governor as the next attorney general. It comes as a hindrance at such a critical time said AP.

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On Twitter, she took a pot shot at Cuomo and said that her five years on his administration job was terrible. I called it a job listing that was the worst.

Earlier this month, Boylan had also tweeted about her work experience in the Cuomo administration, listing it as the worst job she ever had.

 Trying to quit three times, and it stuck, she said. Commenting that she was always working hard. Adding that she faked liking to work for him. Calling the environment in Cuomo's administration as poisonous and toxic, she takes therapy to deal with it till now.

Associated Press got a hold of the personal memo that indicates the toxicity the governor had in the office. One memo was about complaints about how she works in the office, then she resigned.

Some personnel in the Empire State Development's human resources department countered Boylan's claims. One of the administration ethics officers is Julia Pinover Kupiec. She said that Boylan had an attitude of harassing, belittling, and even yelling with general unprofessionalism in one of the memos.

Her final resignation came when meeting Alphonso David about counseling after complaints against her by other staff members.

 David claimed in the memo that followed; she got back to him a while later. Telling him that she wanted to keep her job after some thought. He instead encouraged her to resign.

 New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has denied Lindsay Boylan's charges; she is determined to embark on her career in politics.

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