There are numerous long-running, beloved TV shows in the cultural zeitgeist, but there are many more single-season ones that vanished as swiftly as they came. 

Many shows were axed due to a network's limited number of seasonal time slots. Before the prevalent age of streaming and internet fan campaigns, they were not provided ample opportunity to find homes on new networks.

At times, Season 1 is all you are ever going to get, and you are left with a feeling of contentment or wanting more.

Good shows do not always receive good ratings. You can still give one-season shows a go when you are on the lookout for something short and sweet.

A TV show that appears like it should be canceled immediately runs for a decade. More commonly, a series that deserves renewals do not make it past the first season, reported Thrillist.

Sometimes, less is more. You could breeze through these shows over the weekend:

1. 'American Gothic'

This show was a crime-infested mystery that aired for a single season in 2016. It follows a prominent Boston family as they probe into a family member who they believe is working with a serial killer.

The series stars actors Juliet Rylance ad Antony Starr as Alison and Garrett Hawthorne, reported TheThings.

2. 'Battlestar Galactica'

"Battlestar Galactica" was the show that got the whole "Galactica" ball rolling, lasting one season in ABC. It stars Lorne Greene and Dirk Benedict, a space sci-fi show pitting the Galactica against evil but cool-looking Cylons, which was a ratings hit.

Fans and followers of the show were not happy, and outrage ensued when ABC pulled the plug, reported YardBarker.

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3. 'Space: Above and Beyond'

From 2063 to 2064, a squadron of Marine pilots named "Wildcards" is thrown into a war against aliens called "Chigs" who have initiated an attack on Earth. The show was created by prominent "The X-Files" writers Glen Morgan and James Wong, and the series was nominated for a Saturn Award and two Emmy Awards. "Space: Above and Beyond" is a five-episode series.

4. 'The Good Cop'

The most unsolvable mystery for New York detective Tony Caruso is how to share an apartment with his former police father, Tony Caruso Sr. in "The Good Cop." It is unfortunate but not unexpected why Netflix canceled this crime procedural-style take on "The Odd Couple" from the creator of "Monk." It was met with mixed reviews upon debut.

5. 'Bunheads'

This show ran for 18 episodes to keep you busy and is a touching and perfectly cast show about the happenings at a small-town ballet school. "Bunheads" stars Sutton Foster as a showgirl in Las Vegas who gets married on a whim and ends up mentoring ballet students. It has the perfect combination of comedy and drama, starting on a good note from the first episode.

6. 'Awake'

Imagine abruptly living in two timelines after a car accident. In one universe, your wife died, your son lived, your therapist is played by BD Wong, and your police partner is Wilmer Valderrama. In the other parallel universe, your son died, your wife lived, and you are being treated by Cherry Jones. Which reality is real?

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