After every election, it is not uncommon to file lawsuits against allegedly fraudulent activities during the election. Every candidate would have done it just to make sure that the election happened in due faith. Others also claim to possess evidence against their opponent, thus the filing of the lawsuit. 

In this case, Sidney Powell, an attorney and a former member of the legal team of the former President Donald Trump, charges the Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and its Governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

Claims were filed against them regarding the alleged insertion or fabrication of a large number of ballots for the other party. Others also claim that the workers were instructed to backdate ballots. 

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An expert witness, Russell James Ramsland Jr, is currently working with the Allied Security Operations Group and with NASA and MIT in the past. According to him, several activities causing a sudden increase in the number of ballots that are physically impossible to do were processed in the State of Michigan in a combined interval of 2 hours and 38 minutes.

The alleged ballot numbering up to almost double the 150,000 votes lead of the Democrat candidate Joe Biden against the former President Donald Trump of the Republican party. According to Ramsland, this alleged insertion and fabrication of illegal ballots in Michigan were done solely by Dominion Voting Systems. This company sells voting machines and tabulators to the US. 

Another witness, Dr. Navid-Kesharvarz-Nia, in his sworn statement, said that for the whole process of facilitating administrative backdoor processes, USB memory cards were utilized in order to hinder election operations and affect the counting of ballots in the States of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia.

According to his expert judgment, the data analyzed by the New York Times, the vote counts in the State of Michigan and the other mentioned states, were not based on regular system operation but instead caused by the targeted voting machines affected by fraudulent electronic fabrication. 

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According to Edison Research, it reports the tabulation of the vote-counting to the Decision Desk HQ. 

The entire complaint includes in its requests to ask the Court for emergency relief to decertify Wayne County, Michigan's election results, halt the Secretary of Michigan Jocelyn Benson and Gov. Whitmer from transferring the State's certifications, and lastly, to relay certified election results declaring the former President Donald Trump as the winner of the election in Michigan.

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