When the Justice Department is finished with the execution protocols, which will rule out lethal injections as the sole method for prisoners, other options will be available like poison gas and firing squad.

Last Friday, the Federal Register published the amended rules for all executions that legalize the US government to carry out several execution methods. Unlike before, when lethal injection was the only option, now a sentence cannot be delayed since the death row convict will face death in several ways. Several states will employ electrocution, inhaling nitrogen gas, or death by firing squad.

One comment by a Justice Department official mentioned the Federal Death Penalty Act's alteration because executions are done by how states interpret the law. This means the government has other options than just a lethal injection. After the amendment, delays will not be so often, and execution will go on, as usual, reported News Max.

According to an official, any death sentence involving a firing squad or electrocution can only execute an inmate on one condition if the state allowed that execution, as per APNews.

There will be two executions set to be done in December, and they will be done via lethal injection. Three more will be scheduled on death row in January. A press outlet was talked to by the official as anonymous, so are the internal department protocols. Prisoners may be executed by gas or firing squad for others.

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There is not surprising since the DEMS are against the death sentence. This current administration has a plan that include enacting changes if Trump was to leave the Oval Office. One of the people of Biden who is not yet official, Trump (the incumbent). According to them, the ex-VP does not agree with the death penalty. Despite the objection to the executions, there is no clear-cut plan to end it.

 Attorney General William Barr reinstated the federal execution in 2020 after it was dormant for 17-years. In this year alone, the Justice Department commuted several death sentences of convicts. Statistically, more have been put to death than in the last five decades. But it pushed through, even without bipartisan support.

A majority of states that give the death sentence use lethal injection as the default execution method. By far, this is the preferred method in the countries where electrocution or firing squad. This data came about from the nonprofit Death Penalty Information Center, which monitors the impositions of the terminal sentence.

 Lethal injections are getting harder to obtain, so methods are opted to avoid delay in commuting the terminal sentence. States like Alabama, Oklahoma, and Mississippi have chosen nitrogen gas to execute inmates. The gas will be used to asphyxiate the condemned men and women till they die.

Certain states allow the condemned the manner of the executions they chose to die in. Florida is where electrocution is a choice for the death row inmate. Washington state is where hanging is still used to execute someone. One grim end that inmates can choose is the firing squad. If no lethal injection, firing squads are done.

One of the reasons why prisoners will be executed through poison gas or firing squads is that it deters mass shootings and cop-killing

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