Lin Wood is granted by the Appeals Court an expedited review of an earlier court order to delay certification of Georgia ballots. This is a small but positive step of the Trump campaign to get all legal votes counted.

 Last Wednesday, Lin Wood's motion asked for a lower court review that blocked his appeal to delay the certification of election results in Georgia due to massive fraud. But, the catch is that that Wood must address the flaw in the jurisdictional issues.

 In lieu of the breakthrough in one of the suits went on Twitter, the Trump lawyer announced the 11th Circuit court granted the Emergency Motion for Expedited Review of a lawsuit. This will make them electoral results in Georgia be considered all invalid, giving the President a fighting chance, reported Epoch Times.

 In a statement, he said that people voted and gave their support in a landslide nationally and in GA as well. The election will not be hijacked by anyone or anything.

 According to the appellate court that asked the Trump lawyer several relevant questions about jurisdictions, one of the district court's order on November 20, 2020, did not grant a restraining order to halt the certification. 

 When Georgia's Gov. Brian Kemp and the state department allow the certification of the election results on November 20, Kemp did not follow protocol in endorsing the results because they need to be certified despite the irregularity.

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 Lin Wood sees this as an avenue to go after the Georgia gov, and seek a reverse of what was done. The Democrats opened a can of worms, paving a possible resurge of Trump.

 Last November 24, poll workers started a recount of about 5 million votes. According to Georgia State Law, the Trump lawyers asked the recount to be done correctly with the spirit of the U.S. Constitution.

 A hand recount was done earlier but a stark occurrence of the signature going unverified on mail-ballots. An alarm was sounded not to allow it, but democrats went ahead.

 Before the votes' certification, Wood place a lawsuit last November 13 that was against the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, including state officials.

He pointed out that an agreement last March cemented with the DEMS in the state in relation to absentee ballots is a clear constitutional transgression.

 One of the comments is that the agreement would render any suspicion of ballot harvesting will count them out on the Nov.3 polls day, mentioned when filing. As summarized in the case that said any doubts on the absentee ballots should be disqualified, a huge number was reported.

More errors were cited by the Trump lawyer, saying that only the states and Congress's legislatures can set the specific rules and circumstances in the U.S. Constitution. There was an error of procedure which was carried out on election day and onwards.

Last November 17, an emergency motion for a temporary restraining order to stop the ballot certification was denied. Lin Wood went to the 11th Circuit and opened a new avenue to win back the steal.

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