Two attorneys of the Trump campaign, one of them Attorney Lin Wood talked about how the election has been marred by irregularities.

 Many of the voters are convinced that the election has been compromised by the left. Another is, the left has been caught stealing the vote, which is now a popular outcry.

 Last Wednesday, Lin Wood was interviewed by the talk show host Mark Levin who discussed the implication of the legal challenges launched in many. One of the highlights of the interview was the real results that show how much Trump got. These were elaborated on but stressed the ex-VP margin of victory, if it comes ,will not be as unanimous, reported One America News Network (OANN).

Lin Wood said the election is a fraud, who with fellow Trump campaign lawyers are working to get the real number of votes. He added that President Donald Trump got a 70% landslide win for most states. Another bombshell is that he outclassed the outcome by 400 electoral votes. In contrast to the ex-VP who has a lead that is marred by doubt, and Trump may have gotten his hard earned four more years.

He added that the Trump team of lawyers are compiling many instances of voter fraud in the battleground states. Before the elections, there were many objections to absentee and mail-in voting which the DEMS pushed hard. Now, these states are wracked by problems stemming from kinds of votes.

 In some states specially where the DEMS are entrenched ended in controversy over the deployment of the Dominion Voting Systems is the keystone in flipping votes electronically. Which is why the DEMS are defending the use of it, as the Republicans are leaning into them more. Another feature of Dominion is that the changes can be affected in other places not just the United States.

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An electoral dispute that unseated Al Gore in 2000, and gave it to Bush took 36 days to finish. It is only the 15th day and the ex-VP is insistent on Trump's conceding is a non-issue till legally resolved.

One of the key issues according to Wood is that China is interfering in US elections. President Trump has declared China the main threat and fears of a Biden win, will change foreign policy. Another jab he took at the DEMS is not calling out the Left.

Since the violence started, all instigated by the Left has been ignored by media and the establishment. Indicating the US Constitution that has been America's strength is under attack, and replacing the current Pro-America administration by underhanded means via a disputed election.

Furthermore, the Trump lawyer said that the US government is compromised Chinese intervention. These levels according to him extend to the state, local and national levels which is alarming. Chinese interventionists would even go far to extortion, if that is needed to get access to US resources.

He made these claims and stated that Americans will not stand by and allow any entity or Trojan horse to steal hard-earned freedom. Another is the election will determine what kind of America follows one under Trump, or Biden.

Lin Wood of the Trump campaign appealed to all citizens to stand strong and ignore the DEMS, adding that Trump will win with 400 electoral votes.

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