Last Thursday, Sidney Powell let lose another bombshell on the DEMS tampering of election results. He pointed out they deployed electronic voting systems to flip Trump's votes in favor of Biden on voting day.

 The Trump team has more than enough evidence to counter the so-called votes counted for Biden, indicating that all results are up for scrutiny, especially with the discovery of more ballots for Trump. This indicates the current tally should be proven, with the proof Trump's lawyers have unearthed, reported The Blaze.

 According to Powell, the incumbent has won by a landslide, as the proof has shown that DEMS bailiwicks made sure that everything would be in Biden's favor.

 Sources mentioned how Rep. Tom McClintock made short work of California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) over his lockdown measures. In Illinois, there are 'culturally responsive teaching standards' which prompted Megyn Kelly to abandon NYC. The cause is that the school her child goes to said white kids should be reformed or a future killer cop is in school.

More on the Trump legal team

 If the Thursday bombshell is not enough for the DEMS, Sidney Powell has stated that the evidence will be made public as many affidavits from concerned individuals prove that the DEMS are part of a national conspiracy. Ominously they planned all the voter fraud delegitimizing the sanctity of the 2020 presidential election.

 Interviewed by BlazeTV host Glenn Beck on radio, Powell told Beck that proof exists to bolster charges that Trump won and Biden did not. He mentioned companies like Smartmatic and Dominion are used to cheat electoral results. Noting the Thursday presscon, Smartmatic and Dominion revealed how they cheated will be online soon.

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The Trump legal eagle said the documents would be uploaded and seen by all concerned about how the election was stolen. Powell added that everything would be ready by this weekend.

Further expounding on the evidence in their hands will be a mega 'tsunami' that will be substantial. Despite calls for the actual evidence, they have not revealed everything. One reason is media bias that needs them to plan their moves precisely.

 She said that cheating is a global and criminal conspiracy that will be mind-blowing. But there is more than the tip of the iceberg. She then illustrated it.

Last Thursday, Trump's lawyers declared that a connection exists that is more ominous than anything faced by the U.S., stating that communists Venezuela and George Soros have been the tentacles that tamper the 2020 elections. Their tool is the Dominion Voting Systems software, which intentionally has a backdoor to tamper with the US's data or anywhere in the world. One of their witnesses made an affidavit that Dominion is not a safe system. Alleging a connection to disenfranchise voters with the ex-VP by making all votes Bidens.

 One of the affidavits alleges that he was at Hugo Chavez's right hand when the Dominion machines altered the Venezuelan elections' votes.

A statement from Dominion Voting Systems immediately denied that it was used in cheating of votes and its intentional weaknesses. Furthermore, the company had no affiliation with the Pelosi family, Feinstein family, Clinton Global Initiative, Smartmatic, Scytl, or any ties to Venezuela. Several of the names are known as American DEMS. Adding that it is bipartisan too.

 Sidney Powell says the Dominion Voting Systems enabled Democrat election corruption, and the proof is there.

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