A cage fighter is charged with the murder of a beautician after he got a text about her activities. Allegedly, she had a sugar daddy who gave her money.

The accused, Andrew Wadsworth, 37, killed Melissa Belshaw, 32, with a knife several times without remorse in the bedroom of her residence in Billinge, Wigan. The trial was held on May 20, Manchester Crown Court for the case, reported The Sun.

 When interrogated, the ex-professional mixed martial arts fighter said he went overboard and attacked her with a blade. He stabbed her with it because she revealed her sex life, even devised a set up to rob and injure him. What she said made him blackout and end.

Wadsworth and Ms. Belshaw started March 2018 when he was let out of jail recently. Previously convicted for robbery in 2011, having a firearm and wanting to cause fear or violence. He was also  charged of burglary with an intention to cause physical harm.

 In January 2019, he was sent back to prison after being tested positive for coke. He was released on March 4, after a hearing court. On Friday, the text messages of the couple were mentioned in court. 

In September 2019, Wadsworth told his partner that he was getting two-timed by her. He wrote in one message that she was a prostitute and accused her of hooking up with everyone.

The beautician said that what he said is not true, and replied the same way when he accused her of infidelity before getting out of prison in 2020.

Wadsworth got a shock on May 15 when she told him that she had a sugar daddy. Before she met him, the sugar daddy gave her £1,200 a week. She asked him not to tell anyone else.

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Quoting Ms. Belshaw, "I met him in March. He sends me money every Monday, well used to. I would be seeing him two hours a week. There is no-one else, that's the truth." But her partner was not able to hack it.

 The victim was planning to open a beauty salon and she told the truth to Wadsworth. She added her shop cost her 7K telling about hatt the sugar daddy, she met in Marbella several years back. According to her, he is from Liverpool.

 In the conversation, she stated that she wanted to change her life. Everything led to owning her shop. The man's reaction to her having to sleep with another man angered him. He was very enraged over it.

She told him that she did not sleep with the Liverpool man again. Even offered to do a lie detector to prove she was no lying. Wadsworth was incensed thinking that she did sleep with another man. Ms. Belshaw was distraught at the infidelities and turn of events.

Belshaw told her partner that she never hooked up with anyone in Wigan, that Woodsworth knew on May 17. Another incident on May 19 when she said no that she hooked up with a relative too.

 On October 2018, he wa arrested in chip shop entering all bloody. The cage fighter was not sane, and drugs in the house were blood stained. The murder weapon used to kill the beautician was in the front garden.

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