A drug dealer is given the death penalty for the death of Lisa Rene. He was convicted for abducting and killing the 16-year old teenager.

 In Terra Haute, Indiana, the killer Orlando Hall got double-crossed on a drug deal. He went to the apartment looking for the two brothers of Lisa, he was not able to find her brothers but she was there.

 Hall is the 8th execution in 2020 after the Trump administration started a process that was utilized three times in 56 years. One judge's comment about the details of the drug used to execute the convict had delayed his inevitable execution. But just a few six hours then went on. The staying order was repealed by the U.S. Supreme Court. Hall was executed with a lethal drug and died before midnight, reported CBS News.

 The overturning is the first decision of the new Justice Amy Coney Barret got involved as her first official act, said Agence France-Press. It was a cumulative decision of all the high court's five other conservative justices.

 It is only one of three, state executions for the succeeding weeks, noted AFP. This is a digression from a 131-year old normal for administrations in staying executions for the next incumbents decides on. Ex-VP Joe Biden is yet to be officials, is against the death sentence.

 How an execution is done depends on the state it will be held in. Since the lockdowns and epidemics that stop executions to stop the contagion in vulnerable prison populations, that has infected many.

 Hall, condemned to death has accordingly changed in prison told his lawyers even had a volunteer of the church who grew close to him. Talking to his family in his final days, he made peace with his actions. Saying he was ready on the execution day. Saying to his loved ones to take care. Giving his kid all his love.

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Execution and his last moments

 Hall, 49, saw the drug introduced into his system and raised his head to wince a bit. He twitched his feet as if trying to feel them in his last moments. The drug took effect, and he mumbled incoherently, looked like he was yawning too. Death was coming as his breath became hard and irregular, stopped breathing.

 An official holding a stethoscope checked his heartbeat if he was still alive. After a few checks and zero heartbeats, he is officially dead. The third execution of 2020 was done.

Attempts to save Hall from execution

 The defense of Hall by his attorneys who attempted to stop the execution was a biased decision. He was a black man who got a decision from an all-white jury, this sentencing was questioned many times. Sources said that the Congressional Black Caucus made pleas to Attorney General William Barr to postpone the execution because of COVID-19.

 Quoting the Black Caucus in a letter to AG Barr, "will make any scheduled execution a tinderbox for further outbreaks and exacerbate concerns over the possibility of miscarriage of justice."

 On Thursday, another judge made a ruling that any executions by the U.S. government are delayed in the first woman on death row for execution. Lisa Montgomery's lawyers are sick with COVID-19, her execution date is on December 8.

 Hall was a drug dealer with the group that buried alive, Lisa Rene, the 16-year old teen-ager in 1994. 

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