The terrifying assertion that South Australia was suffering a strain of coronavirus that was not seen across the country was based on a lie made by an infected pizza shop worker.

Premier Steven Marshall announced that the area's lockdown would end on November 21 because it was false. Millions of residents in the state will be allowed to go outside to exercise as soon as the lockdown is lifted.

Lie that caused a lockdown

The revelation of the false claim came as the Parafield cluster located in Adelaide's northern suburbs recorded 25 infections. There are three new recorded cases as of November 20.

Health officials thought that a super strain of coronavirus had started in Adelaide after a man claimed it was transmitted on a pizza box from an infected worker to a customer, according to The Washington Post.

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However, contact tracers became suspicious and have since discovered that the claim was a lie. The said customer, who worked at a quarantine hotel, was also an employee at Woodville Pizza Bar in Adelaide, wherein he had worked closely with another COVID-19 positive case.

Marshall said that he is fuming about the actions of the person who lied about the strains as his selfish actions have put their whole state in a very difficult situation. The man's actions have affected people, businesses, family groups, and his actions are completely and utterly unacceptable.

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens revealed the man who lied to contact tracers claimed that they had purchased a pizza from the restaurant. But the truth is, they were working there and had been working there for several shifts, according to Metro UK.

Commissioner Stevens stated that it changes the circumstances. Had the man been truthful to the contact tracing teams, they would not have gone on a lockdown that lasted for six days.

Health officials had also feared that if the virus could transmit on a pizza box from worker to customer, it could be the start of a new super-strain of the coronavirus.

But the two men came into close contact with each other as they both worked at the takeaway. It means it could easily transmit between them in the usual manner, according to Fox News.

Suspect's punishment

It is still unknown what charges the man will face as there is still no penalty connected to telling lies. Commissioner Stevens said that the emergency management act requires people to give information upon request. There is no known penalty or consequence for failing to answer those questions truthfully.

Health authorities could not elaborate on the man and his reasons for lying. 

South Australia will now revert to a series of similar restrictions imposed at the beginning of the week from midnight on November 21.

Venues are allowed to have a maximum of 100 guests, with one person per four square meters, and table bookings are limited to 10 people.

As for funerals, it will restart with a maximum of 50 people in attendance, while weddings can host 150 guests. There will be no dancing allowed. As for religious ceremonies, the venue will be restricted to 100 people and, ten people can come together for private gatherings.

Beauty therapists and hairdressers must wear masks, but masks for residents are no longer mandatory when they go out in public.

Gyms will also open as restrictions ease at 11:59 p.m. on November 21, and students will return to school on November 23. 

From November 21, households will now be allowed to exercise in groups.

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