More incidences of COVID-19 cases has prompted new coronavirus restriction set to be implemented. German protestors went on the streets to show the coronavirus dictatorship they don't want it.

 In the city of Berlin, about 200 protestors were apprehended in demonstrations in Germany's capital city. The police forces used water cannons to disperse that tumultuous crowd that gathered to express their sentiments. The chief reason for demonstrators' anger is the imposition of another set of COVID-19 limitations, reported The Blaze.

 For many of those opposed to restriction, this is a dictatorial move that is against the majority of the people.

What happened during the demonstrations

 According to Berlin police, they arrested over 200 people who went over the line. An estimated number of 5,000 to 10,000 individuals participated in the protests on the street. Everyone was concerned over a bill parliament that will be another round of lockdowns after the recent reopening. The Associated Press mentioned the bill will legalize actions the government takes to control the pandemic. Those include social distancing, wearing masks in public, closing stores, and venues to arrest the progress of the contagion.

 The bill was passed by the two chambers of Parliament, it got the signature of German President Angela Merkel the same after it was passed. Its signing made it a legal edict that will allow the government to enforce whatever has been approved in the bill.

 CBS News says

 The German lawmakers in the parliament have voted to make changes in Germany's Infection Protection Act. This bill will give instructions and restrictions that will lessen the rate of infection caused by the contagion.
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But, the interpretation of many protesting in the streets of Berlin, say that the bill is used by government for a darker purpose. Accusing Merkel and others to diminish basic rights and become a dictatorship in the time of COVID-19.

Joining the federal police were other law enforcement groups to assist in separating the crowds of protesters. Such a huge concentration of people needed the use of water cannons, and lots of pepper spray to enact crowd control. The huge groups of those opposed emphasized the unpopularity of the decision of the German government.

Before the planned demonstration the Washington Examiner told German authorities intentionally nixed several protests on Tuesday, with several more in Berlin that was planned by organizers. Sources say that one concern of the Merkel government is the security of the German capital. All the security forces in the city form a barrier to keep the rallyists from approaching the Germany's parliament building. All the people were in the boundaries and perimeters, the police and other groups are in the areas from getting occupied as well.

 Washington Post said last week that protestors in Germany were not okay with additions to the rules in regards to coronavirus, that is something stricter and affecting their rights. There was another demonstration with a group that consisted of 20,000 marchers in Leipzig. One researcher said that 77,000 users of QAnon-associated Telegram chat groups, use it communicate their collective actions.

According to the Post, a Saxony protest was peaceful with 20,000 individuals. There are more for the lockdowns, but a small number think the coronavirus restrictions is the desire of a coronavirus dictatorship.

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