Police in New York City are now searching for two suspects that were seen on video beating a woman after she told them to wear masks. The couple tried to get on a subway platform elevator with the woman.

Couple beats old woman

The New York Police Department shared in a tweet on November 18 that the assault happened at the Atlantic Avenue and Barclays Center subway station in Brooklyn on November 13.

The video showed the 60-year-old woman stepping onto an elevator at the station as the couple is seen approaching behind her.

Although it is not clear what the three told each other, it is clear on the video that things escalated between the three. The couple could be seen pushing past the old woman.

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The older woman can be seen trying to push the two back off the elevator, which prompts a fight to start between her and the younger woman, according to New York Daily News.

As the two fought and wind up outside of the elevator, the male companion of the young woman joins in the pummeling of the older woman. The attack immediately turns one-sided, with the man repeatedly punching the older woman in the face and leg.

The video then ends with the woman trying to get back on her feet, but she was knocked back down again. The suspects appear to be in their late teens or their early 20s, they immediately fled the scene.

The NYPD shared that they are offering a reward of up to $2500 to anyone with any information pertaining to the suspects.

Other incidents

On November 16, a woman was arrested in the attack of two employees of a Maryland ice cream shop. Nythia Davis and her friend McKeniva said they were attacked while they were working at a Cold Stone Creamery because they asked two customers to wear face masks while inside the ice cream shop.

They said that a man and a woman walked in about 7:30 p.m. and passed a sign on the business' entrance that reads no mask, no service, accoridng to NBC News. 

Davis and McKeniva said that they asked the woman to properly wear the mask that was around her neck. They said that the man with her got upset with them for asking her to pull up her mask. The two said they told the couple that they would not serve them if they did not properly wear a mask.

The two employees said that the couple started attacking them and punching them. Both of them suffered swollen faces and broken bones.

The Anne Arundel County Police Department identified two suspects. Police had arrested 26-year-old Ibukunoluwa Opanuga of Bowie Friday. The detectives have a warrant for the arrest of 35-year-old Musaab Abdul Ali of Washington, D.C.

The United States now has 11.8 million COVID-19 cases and has recorded 252,000 deaths, according to John Hopkins University. As of November 19, 185,759 new infections were recorded, it surpassed last week's record of 177,224 COVID-19 cases.

According to CNN, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention projected that for the next few weeks around 282,000 deaths will be recorded by December 5, 2020.

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