There is no age limit to helping out people. Two boys have proven that; one is Tommy Rhomberg, 12-years old, the other one is Liem Kaplan, 13-years old. Both have found ways to make a difference despite their young age.  

Tommy batted for the better good

Last August,  a huge hurricane struck Iowa with strong wind speeds of 140-mph that devasted the state from its sheer force. Thinking out of the box, Tommy Rhomberg found a sure-fire way to help and also a home run for a good heart.

 He was inspired to help after many homes were wrecked by the disturbance. His home was safe and warm compared to others, so he wanted to raise money for them, reported Good News Network.

 One of his friends had to cancel his birthday because the storm came to town. To make him feel better, he thought of a baseball bat. It was one of the faves of his pal and baseball of course.

 Tommy went to work and handmade his bat, calling it "The Great Derecho". It soon became a certified hit for his friend, but more people wanted the bats he made.

 The tween realized that it was a cool idea to make it something big if the tree branches tossed about in the storm can be made into bats for sale. If he went ahead with his plans, money could be earned for each handmade bat. Each bat's cost would go to donating for those in need of help in rebuilding.

Sticking to his goal, Tommy was able to create 1,500 bats and earned over $2,500. He gave all the money and felt pleased to help others.

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Since COVID-19 came, all help is welcome.

Older than his years, Liem Kaplan is only 13-years old and already has assisted the community at a young age, because he likes it. Concerned over the spread of the disease, he had given masks, meals, and clothes to the homeless of Seattle.

 Many states in the United States have been under the pandemic, in Seattle where Liem lives. He has embarked on helping the homeless survive the pandemic, giving out items like 5,000 masks, alcohol/sanitizer, food, clothing, including shelter wanting to protect the most vulnerable from the contagion is his mission.

The teen boy is driven by the support of his own family at home. He is getting help in his own challenges. Liem has one difference from others, his arms are a bit different. He was taken from Vietnam as an 11-month-old toddler. From then on his family had  seen his desire to help everyone.

 At his young age, he does all sorts of drives to collect what is for those in need. For example, coat drives and items that will help vulnerable children from six up, just like him.

The desire is there to give assistance to others, whatever it is. In an interview where Liem was asked by Q13 FOX how far his plans stretch to give assistance, He answered, maybee his entire life.

Liem and his group are helping, 62-year-old Tony, who lost everything and got help. The boy found a hotel that took in the old man. Tony said he was an angel too. Click this link to know more about the "Giving Hope Project". These two boys are young but they make the world a better place.

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