Storm Zeta just zoomed across the southeast on Thursday, that left a wreckage in its wake. In Atlanta, there were many homes and business affected Atlanta and New Orleans.

Classes were cancelled or were opened later in the Gulf Coast up to the Carolinas.

Hurricane Zeta made a big impression and many were caught off guard by the storm. Will Arute said that an Oak was crushed by the wind, right outside his house in New Orleans. The part of the tree that snapped damaged his car and part of his home. The sheer force of the wind surprised him, reported AP News.

One resident Mackenzie Umanzor said the last hurricane spare her home, in D'Iberville, Mississippi with minimum damage. Zeta winds had enough force to force open all the doors that barricaded, she got a cut across her palm. Outside the roof of her shed got torn off from the wind.

She heard the sounds of the roofs as the wind buffeted and rattled loudly. Everything was under strain and she was a bit frightened.

In a bulletin, there were warning that Zeta will be dangerous for everyone. The storm crossed the mid-Atlantic states as a tropical storm, and heading to Delaware and southern New Jersey.

One fatality, Leslie Richardson, 58, perished when unable to escape rising seawater in Biloxi, Mississippi. He got caught outside taking a video of the storm, said Brian Switzer said. Richardson and a companion got out of a floating car, hung on to a tree but let go.

A 55-year-old man was electrocuted died when he got fried by a downed power line in New Orleans. Georgia saw another man die when a tree fell on his mobile home, that crushed him inside in Cherokee County.

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In Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia were power outages according to the website 1 million homes were without power in Georgia.

Morning rush hour happened in Atlanta, but cars had to navigate chaotic roads, with no power for traffic lights. Trees were blocking Interstate 985 near Buford in the far northeastern suburbs and other places.

Storm Zeta pushed to land on Wednesday afternoon in the village of Cocodrie in Louisiana, with category-2 winds. Charged forward into New Orleans, neighboring Mississippi, that brought strong winds and a deadly storm surge. The next morning, the New Orleans' French Quarter was spared with a light wind.

Waveland Mayor Mike Smith said that come morning there will be lots of damage. Trees were knocked down and one tree from his neighbors damaged his home.

Louisiana, Gov. John Bel Edwards is expected to survey the damage that is expected in the coastal areas. He stressed that everyone needs to give help but make sure to protect against COVID-19 too. He reminded everyone to keep a mask on.

New Orleans lost power when the grid was destroyed by the wind from the storm. It took down trees and powerlines, many placed had damage from the storm.

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell told the residents to stay indoors and let the city estimate the damage. This is the same scenario in the Gulf Coast that got buffeted by Storm Zeta.

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