Actor Johnny Depp's complicated legal situation with his ex-wife Amber Heard has captured the attention of the world. A new report claims that Depp may not be able to hold the battle for much longer due to his current financial situation.

Is Depp drowning in debt?

According to the latest issue of the tabloid National Enquirer, Depp is now in a difficult position after he lost his libel case against British paper The Sun over the claim that he was a wife beater.

National Enquirer says Depp is going for broke to ruin. His ongoing legal situation with ex-wife is draining him financially and unless he figures out a way to save, he will be needing to file for bankruptcy soon.

Apparently, Depp did not anticipate such a long battle or for it to cost as much as it has, according to an alleged insider. Depp had $100 million budgeted when the cases started and it is disappearing fast with the court cases, lawyers' fees and other expenses.

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The source does not explain, however, what the other expenses are or why it would be so costly but instead moves on to the next court case for Depp and Heard, which is the defamation case in Virginia that also has Heard counter-suing Depp.

Even though the London case was a major win for Heard, the actress and her legal team will not back down. Depp will also continue his fight in court and he is now planning an appeal for his loss. The source said that it is not about the money, it is all about clearing his name.

Depp's Instagram

The site Gossip Cop had looked into the situation and found out that the words of the alleged insiders featured in the article from National Enquirer are just Depp's own words.

After the court ruled against him, the actor posted a personal letter to his social media account, thanking fans and noting that he would continue to pursue the case and planned to appeal.

Depp also announced in the letter that he was fired by Warner Bros. and will no longer appear in the "Fantastic Beast" franchise.

Suspicious rumor

Gossip Cop noted that even though lawyers costs a lot to hire, but so does Depp. He may no longer play the villain in the "Fantastic Beasts" movies, but he is still getting his paycheck despite only filming a small amount.

The Hollywood Reporter explained that like many A-list Hollywood stars, Depp had a pay-or-play contract, which requires that he be fully compensated whether or not the film is made and even if it is recast. It is common with actors of his level, there was no morality clause in his contract even though it was amended with each new installment.

Because of this contract, Depp's single scene net him at least an eight figure paycheck. The Hollywood Reporter also stated that Depp's firing from the franchise was partially on account for his libel case, but his stateside case against Heard also played a part.

Depp will need to be in Virginia often as the hearings continue and it will also be difficult for Depp to travel from the United States to the United Kingdom, where they film the movie.

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