Hollywood power couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis has stood the test of time, but their connection to actress Demi Moore is still a hot topic for gossip.

Demi Moore is known as Kutcher's ex-wife and the two did not break up in good terms. Moore has been genuine and brave when it comes to talking about some of the personal details of her life, but one tabloid seemed to think that Moore's penchant for openness is putting pressure on Kutcher and Kunis.

Is Kunis reaching her breaking point?

The headline of New Idea's article "Mila's Fury Over 'Sex Mad' Demi" has caught the eye of the public as it centers around the three Hollywood stars.

According to the tabloid, Kunis has reached her breaking point over Moore's plans to spill all of her sex secrets on her new erotic and tell-all podcast.

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An unnamed source told New Idea that Kunis had already suffered humiliation after Moore released a tell-all book in 2019.

Now the actress is freaking out over the possibility of having more secrets about Kutcher and Moore's sex life given to the public. The source said it was all too much but there is nothing that they can do about it.

The insider also added that Kunis never shows it, but she's always been deeply insecure about Moore and this whole ordeal is a nightmare for her.

However, news site Gossip Cop states that New Idea's article is not true at all. Kunis is not insecure and the erotic podcast that Kunis is allegedly worried about is not erotic.

In fact, Moore's podcast is scripted and it is based on the life and experiences of Shana Feste, who is directing the audio production.

Moore is also lending her talents and her sultry voice to Shana Feste, but the podcast will not be about her personal life. That information has also been confirmed by other magazines such as Variety.

Gossip Cop has also investigated other rumors that were connected to Demi Moore. One article from New Idea states that she is about to drive a wedge between her ex-husband and Kunis and that she was attempting to hurt their marriage.

However, Kunis has made it clear that she and Kutcher had talked about their past before they decided to exchange vows, the two had shared their secrets so there is nothing that will surprise Kunis anymore.

Kutcher and Kunis are doing fine

Life & Style has also made the same claim about Kutcher and Kunis' marriage, but none of them are true. The tabloid claimed that Reese Witherspoon's marriage was in trouble on account of her ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe.

Before that, the tabloid also reported that Courtney Cox's relationship with Johnny McDaid was questionable because she still had feelings for her ex-husband, actor David Arquette.

Life & Style also wrote about Demi Moore, saying that the wife of Bruce Willis was ready to fight her over her husband but none of those were true and no marriage is getting affected by Moore.

The tabloid also released a series of articles in 2019 about how Ashton Kutcher would undoubtedly divorce Kunis before changing the stories at the end of the year. The stories pivoted to them struggling when it was clear that they were not going to divorce.

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