Houston Rockets' main man James Harden denied the franchise's offer in becoming the first player in the league history to average a $50 million salary per year as he made it clear that he is now singularly looking at the Brooklyn Nets as his next destination.

According to ABC News, a source stated that as conversations continue to ramp up about the possibility of Harden landing at Brooklyn and Reuniting with former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Kevin Durant and star Kyrie Irving in recent weeks on the West Coast, the Rockets organization shared that they made a pitch for 'The Beard' to sign the maximum allowable extension, which is two years and $103 million on top of the remaining three years, as he currently has $133 million deal.

Despite Harden's statement in getting to Brooklyn, his determination has still not resulted in any progress.

Based on the source, Brooklyn and Houston have been in touch lately, but both organizations have not engaged in any meaningful conversation.

The Rockets are now looking for a massive return of assets for 'the Beard,' and they are willing to take some time as long as they will be finding the proper marketplace, ESPN reported.

As of the moment, there is still no sign that the Rockets believe that the Nets could deliver the package that fits on the profile that they must have.

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Since Harden is still under contract for many years, the Rockets organization can put the process into a slow pace, fleshing out the offers and trying to change Harden's mind.

The preference of Rockets has remained to work through the issues and keep him long term, but right now, the Rockets are currently traveling on a difficult road.

The source also shared that Harden believes that his window in chasing championship for Houston's city has ended, and constructing a super team with the Brooklyn Nets represents his best chance for a title.

The 31-year-old Rockets star can become a free agent in 2022 if he will be opting out of the final year of his contract and sources mentioned Brooklyn represents a two-year play to win a title before deciding on the next chapter in his career, Bleacher Report reported.

Another source described Harden's current situation as his 'AD moment,' which is about Anthony Davis, who forced his way out of the New Orleans Pelicans for the opportunity to win a ring with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Rockets were selling the 31-year-old on the idea of an extension, which would help him in cementing his career in Houston, but so far, the beard is rejecting the suggested idea.

The Houston Rockets has long shaped its organization to fit Harden, both on the court and off the court. It has acquired players who Harden has wanted, including Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul, and allowed for an informal environment off the floor that fits his personality.

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