On November 2, President Donald Trump held a rally in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Aside from talking about his plans for the country if he wins the White House for a second term, he also took a jab at the celebrities who are backing up his rival, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Trump vs. Lady Gaga

President Trump trashed pop star Lady Gaga, music star Beyoncé, rapper Jay-Z and rocker Jon Bon Jovi for supporting Joe Biden. Trump told his crowd that he has a lot of stories about the singer, but he did not say what they were.

Lady Gaga hosted a drive-in rally for Biden on November 2 in Pittsburgh. Bon Jovi hosted a pro-Biden concert in eastern Pennsylvania in October and Beyoncé announced she is endorsing Biden, according to Business Insider.

President Trump told his crowd of supporters that Jon Bon Jovi "kisses his ass" every time he sees him and that he asks him for favors "just like everyone else."

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The president, trailing Biden on the national polls but drawing closer in swing-state polls, told thousands of supporters that they draw much bigger crowds than the Biden campaign. He said that crowd size was a more valuable gauge of support than professional polls.

Trump said that Bon Jovi will sing a song or two, then he will leave the stage, which means that crowd will also leave and "sleepy Joe" is up in the stage talking.

The president also reminded the crowd about what happened to Hillary Clinton, his rival back in 2016, wherein she got Jay-Z and Beyoncé to join the stage with her but the rapper started using the f-word in front of the crowd.

Trump also said that the behavior was unbelievable, and said that as soon as the Hollywood power couple left, the crowd left and Hillary was left talking on stage with an empty space. He recounted the event when she lost and the public were surprised.

The president then contrasted the crowd sizes for Biden, who has campaigned little due to the pandemic and who made sure his events were limited to follow social distancing rules, according to The Washington Post. 

Trump said that when people look at the crowds that they are getting, there is "never been anything like it." and that the public should base the support through the crowd size and not the poll.

Celebrities that support Trump

President Trump has his own group of celebrities that support him. On November 3, rapper Lil Pump endorsed the president. On October 29, rapper Lil Wayne met with Trump and supported his "Platinum Plan" that is designed to help the black community in America and it will take effect if he wins a second term.

Rapper and actor Ice Cube also met with the president over the Platinum Plan and has gone on numerous shows since to explain what the plan is and how it will help the black community, according to Independent.Co.

Rapper Kanye West also voiced his support for President Trump after his prison reform bill. He even visited the president at the White House and his wife, Kim Kardashian West, also met with President Trump over the prison reform bill. However, West also ran for president, and said he will vote for himself this election.

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