In 2016, Filmmaker Michael Moore told the public that Donald Trump would win, but most thought Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in. With just a few days before the November 3 election, Moore is telling everyone not to believe the polls having Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden leading Trump.

Moore expressed doubt at the claims that the ex-VP has such a big lead that he will bury the incumbent. That might not be exactly the case because the ex-vice president fumbled and made too many gaffes. 

And all the problems of the Biden campaign will be used by Trump in the election, reported Meaww.

Is Trump a genius?

In his appearance on The Hill TV's 'Rising,' Moore expressed dismay that Biden was leading Trump by seven points in Michigan, his home state. The filmmaker then explained how Trump has been able to cut that lead to half already, using another poll to make his point, cited Fox News.

Moore said, "Trump has tightened virtually every one of these swing states to the point where- what are they saying this morning?... 'Biden's five points ahead in Wisconsin... maybe three points ahead in Florida, two points ahead in Arizona'... Listen, don't believe these polls."

A Trump vote in the polls will be ignored and always undercounted, said Moore, adding that a Trump voter is always suspicious of pollsters calling them and asking who they will vote for.  

Trump supporters call the polls fake news, and they do not like it. Polls are not an accurate count, and the data given is not always believable. For every alleged lead by Biden, there is more to it, and the current numbers in pro-DEMS or GOP numbers may be debatable. But the truth is both candidates are very close.

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Moore said he considers the POTUS an 'evil genius' in how he maneuvered to win the election in 2016. Last August, he told the DEMS that an enthusiasm gap would be a factor. 

For example, Biden is about as exciting on the stage with the same energy he has in his basement. 

Last August, Moore warned that in 10 weeks, Trump would be playing the crowds, which will be a total panic for DEMS. He punctuated it on social media to hammer the point.

He added that the DEMS could not beat Trump, not by a longshot. It is the voters who can do it. He said then that the next 67 days should be to make sure that people will vote to get results. Implying Biden's performance will not electrify the crowds to get supporters to Trump's level busting enthusiasm, noted the Independent.

Many netizens echoed the sentiment of Moore on his grim observations of the upcoming elections. One wrote that he agreed with the filmmaker for once while another accused that Trump will try to tamper with the election to win.  

Another netizen commented that she could not stand Moore but wholly agreed with his stand on the fake poll numbers, saying what they are doing is not safe but dangerous.

One netizen made a significant comment saying that Michael Moore is correct in his assessment. Whatever the polls show about Biden's fake lead is not enough nor believable. 

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