After previously bailing out for his faced charges for sexually assaulting four women, former Hollywood executive David Guillod now is under the custody of the Los Angeles Police Department after they arrested him on Thursday in relation to another sexual assault report.

Best known as a talent manager, an executive producer, and for his work on the movie "Atomic Blonde," Guillod, was charged in June with 11 felony counts which include kidnapping to commit rape and raping an unconscious person.

Guillod had been released from custody after posting a bail of $1 million.

According to Yahoo! News,  woman came forward last week to report that the former Hollywood executive had sexually assaulted her during an evening meeting according to the news release of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Based on the statement from a prosecutor in the Santa Barbara District Attorney's office, which brought the initial charges, the most recent sexual assault is alleged to have taken plan in the middle of October while the suspect was out of custody but on GPS tracking.

The 53-year-old, Mr. Guillod was arrested at his home in Sherman Oaks in the stat

On the latest arrest of Mr. Guillod, his lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In response to the initial charges which Mr. Guillod faced earlier this year, a spokeswoman stated that the former Hollywood executive denied the charges and that an overwhelming amount of evidence has been collected over the course of this investigation disputing.e of California and now being held in custody on bail set at $5 million as per the news release, The New York Times reported.

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In June, the spokeswoman stated that the lawyer of Mr. Guillod had successfully argued to decreased the bail amount from $3 million which the original number that has been set, going to $1 million, while the client Mr. Guillod pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Regarding the earlier assault charges that was brought by the Sanata Barbara District Attorney's office, all four of the women shared that at the time of the incident, they were unconcious while being raped.

Among one of the cases, involves Mr. Guillod to an accusation of kidnapping and raping a 23-year-old woman who was prevented from resisting due to intoxication based on the criminal complaint.

The Santa Barbara authorities began in their investigation of Mr. Guillod in 2017, which is the same year that Jessica Barth, an actress accused him which at first did not name him, in a blog post and later online by name, as the person who drugged and sexually assaulted her when he was her manager way back 2012, reported The New York Post.

During that time, the former Hollywood Executive stepped down from his position as co-chief executive of Primary Wave Entertainment, which is a talent agency, as there also other reports coming from other women that they also had gone to the police for the same complaints.

Despite the fact that the prosecutors from Santa Barbara office are handling the persecution of the initial cases, Los Angeles' law enforcement officials had been involved in investigating the former Hollywood Executive since 2018 due to the fact the two of the cases were reported inside their jurisdiction.

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