Comedians have passed away prior to running out of steam and have died at the peak of their careers when all is well. After all, stand-up comedy is a difficult profession and drives people in the industry to rough lifestyles.

Some comics thrive in the comedy realm and never produce anything of value. Then there are comics who are intelligent but pass away as a waste before the world had a chance to be an audience of a display of their full potential.

'Happy Pills' Who Died Too Young or Too Early

There are actually more premature deaths in the comedy show business than in other professions. Some of the best stand-up comedians have passed away too early, reported Ranker.

Many of the best comedians that had ever lived have ascended to the higher realm, dying too young and whose potentially brilliant careers were halted by tragedy, Liveaboutdotcom.

Numerous comedians have also died from drug overdose, reported The Wrap.

Here are comedic geniuses who left an indelible impression in the world of laughs:

1. Mitch Hedberg

Hedberg garnered a following of loyal fans for his peculiar stand-up comedy style. He is known for his surreal humor and unusual, often deadpan comedic delivery.

His comedic style regularly featured short, at times one-liner jokes merged with outrageous elements and non- sequiturs.

He passed away at the age of 37 in 2005.

2. John Candy

John Candy rose to popularity in a series of slapstick films that made studio tycoons smile and viewers shrieking in delight.

Candy passed away at 44 years old. He appeared in Spaceballs, SCTV, Trains & Automobiles, Planes, and Uncle Buck. He died of a heart attack in his sleep and was found dead in his trailer when paramedics came.

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3. Bill Hicks

Hicks was perhaps the most persuasive comedic voice that was devastatingly silenced.

The comic, who should have been a household name if he had not died prematurely was a brilliant satirist and had a dark comedy who could eviscerate topics with intensity.

Hicks passed away due to pancreatic cancer in 1994 aged 32 years old.

4. Richard Jeni

Jeni is an improv comic famous for his character in the blockbuster film "The Mask."

He had a keen ear for dialogue and had a remarkable talent for observational comedy. His sense of timing was also tasteful, Jeni had his own sharp brand of cutting-edge humor.

He died in 2007 at 49.

5. Robin Williams

Williams was an iconic comedian, renowned actor, and household name. He united adults and children alike with his charming personality and talent.

He pursued acting at the College of Marin where he found his identity, often improvising his acts and entertaining his whole class.

He passed away in 2014 aged 63 years old.

6. Lenny Bruce

Bruce is one of the godfathers of modern stand-up comedy. He fought for free speech and went beyond a typical comedian's limitations on stage.

Bruce had been a drug addict for a couple of years. He was discovered dead of an overdose in 1966 aged 40 years old.

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