Sources report that a businessman stabbed his wife to death with a kitchen knife to kill her. He was jealous and suspects of a third party, who influenced his decision to kill her in a sex-murder case.

He killed his wife after a romp in the sack in their expensive villa. He gutted her with cruel intention.

The killer, 56-year-old Geoffrey Elton, when they were done with their tryst, tried to end her by strangulation and suffocating her till she was dead, but his wife, 58, Gloria Tornay was able to escape his grip. Prosecutors alleged he got a kitchen knife, chased her all over the house before catching stabbing her like a fleshy pin cushion-reported Meaww.

Sources say that he gutted her 11-times with the deadly weapon when he caught up to her on March 19, 2019. Elton grew jealous when she wanted to leave him. He thought she was leaving him for another man.

The authorities claimed that the murder was planned because he told their 15-year-old son to shut the power in the house when he left. Reports say that he disposed of all mobile phones to isolate Tornay when he'd slay her.

According to the Sun, he tried to commit suicide, staying close to his dead wife. But, the paramedics were able to save him.

Soon after the fatal and multiple stabbing of Gloria Tornay was announced publicly, the accused is charged for his wife's murder. The accused businessman has been in police custody since he stabbed his wife in cold blood. His business is selling satellite TV and earning very well.

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He was shocked to learn she was not happy with him at all. His wife wanted out of the marriage despite his prosperity, said the Spanish prosecutor on the case. The corpse got autopsied, traces of alcohol and morphine was found when she was killed. It is based on the court reports.

According to the prosecutors, they will give the defendant Elton a 14-year prison term and a £180,000 ($234,800) cost for the compensation of the dead Spanish woman's children.

A statement was prepared before the Trial of Geoffrey Elton. For the brutal murder of Gloria Torna.

He went with his wife to their villa to have a romp in the sack with her. After having sex, he struck her face and tried to suffocate her. He was not successful. He tried to strangle the victim instead. Somehow she got away from him, but he chased her down, wanting to kill her anyway, cite DE24.

He got a sharp kitchen knife, measuring 7.5-inches for a sure kill and did catch up with her. He stabs her with the knife 11-times to make sure she is dead. One reason for his murderous and jealous rage is he suspected his wife wanted to leave him, mentioned New AU.

The defendant got paranoid and was thinking his family has been spying on him. Prosecutors believe that he had mental problems and seeking a light sentence. He might be suffering from paranoid delusions. One of the deceased friends, 'Gloria,' a Spanish citizen, told him about the imminent separation.

Elton, a prominent businessman, had stabbed his wife to death, 11-times out of fear and jealousy.

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